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Carrollwood is a great place to live. It's safe and family friendly. It has easy access to the highways, and is near the center of Tampa.
I have lived here most of my life. In that time I have seen Carrollwood grow exponentially. It has been a wonderful family town and has so many conveniences at your fingertips. The majority of the people who live here are relatively friendly and helpful. They tend to keep to themselves but some are also there to help when needed. There could be some more "mom and pop" restaurants in my opinion, rather then all the chains that have taken over, but maybe in time. If you have pets Carrollwood is a good place for you too. There are several area parks and most people are pretty animal friendly. The businesses could welcome them more but again maybe in time. Overall it is a good and relatively affordable town to live in.
I currently just move to Tampa from Orlando and this area makes me feel safe and right at home! It located in the pinnacle of Tampa, I’m next to all the shopping spots and all types of eatery and it’s beautiful.
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Being a suburb of Tampa, Carrollwood has a lot of diversity in the community. Everyday, I see people of different ethnicities speaking different languages. This is pretty neat because this diversity has brought tons of different types of food establishments to the city. Growing up here, I would consider the environment to be moderately safe, but it's always important to be aware of your surroundings nevertheless. Over the years, traffic on the road has become more congested as more people have moved to Tampa and Carrollwood. If I could change one thing about Carrollwood and the area surrounding it, I would change the public school system. In my opinion, public schools in this area aren't the best compared to other cities and regions in the state.
The neighborhoods are very friendly and the people are often kept to themselves so its great for privacy.
I lived in Carrollwood from 2008 to 2015.I moved from Tampa to get out of the city and enjoy a more surburban lifestyle. I lived all that time at The Park at Lake Magdalene.Rent for my upstairs 1 bedroom apt overlooking a pond and trees water,sewer trash included was back then a very affordable $600 a month! I also had decent neighbors no riff raff.I worked inTampa doing security. I finally moved out and left Carrollwood to live with and care for my elderly mom after dad passed away. I enjoyed living in Carrollwood during my nearly eight years there. I t was clean,safe pretty(loved the parks and bike trails) good shopping area and close enough to Tampa Citrus Park and Tampa Palms.The apt with the pond and woods view from my 2nd story apt balcony with so beautiful. Best apt ever!
In carrollwood the community of people is great. It's in a great location and has many of tampa's hotspots nearby.
I love Carrollwood! It’s clean, safe, and yet busy enough to feel part of the city. The crime in this area is minimal, and it is very diversified. Everything is close by; the grocery store, Walmart, fast food, nice restaurants, the mall, and even a movie theater! Great family environment!
I was born and raised in the Carrollwood area and would not want to live anywhere else. You have a nice size yard instead of houses being on top of each other, everyone I very friendly in the neighborhoods. I plan and hope to one day raise a family of my own in this same area.
Family friendly atmosphere. Very easy to get anywhere in Tampa from Carrollwood in a reasonable amount of time. Lots of stuff to do with kids and family. Not much nightlife.
Carroll wood will always be home to me. It's safe, it's clean, it's beautiful, it's home! I've lived here my entire life and have never had a problem.
I have lived in the Carrollwood area of Tampa essentially my whole life. I love the area because it is so central. There are multiple plazas, restaurants, and grocery stores within walking distance. The neighborhood is very welcoming and safe which has given my parents ease of mind over the past 15 years. The area is also very kid and dog friendly and it is also very clean.
Carrollwood is a safe, low-crime area. There are plenty of accommodations for any one to enjoy whether you like sports, movies, outdoor activities or shopping. Everything is within driving distance as well, you won't be wasting your day driving to the event which allows more time to enjoy it!
I have lived in Carrollwood since I was five years old when my family relocated to Tampa from Pennsylvania. I love that it is a safe area just far enough from the more populated areas of Tampa and still surrounded by a variety of things to do.
Carrollwood is conveniently located near downtown Tampa, Seminole Heights, and Ybor city, but far enough away to make it a friendly suburb perfect for families. I have lived in Carrollwood for 2 years and love it.
Great area for a family. Love the area. Close to other areas and decent commute for Tampa. Some areas can be rougher than others.
Great mix of chain/small businesses. Traffic can be bad and many tolls but very easy to navigate! Brand new Costco. Mall and many gyms. Safe neighborhood where everybody is welcome.
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Carrollwood is a great place to live. It is very quiet and we have everything you need close by. The only thing I wish is that places stayed open a little bit later. Everything closes early around us.
Carrollwood is the neighborhood I have grown up in, everyone in the community is friendly and willing to help a hand to whomever. This is definitely an area of Tampa that will always be growing but holds a variety of people in terms of where they are in their lives, it suits just about anyone. Carrollwood is an area that I would love to raise my own family in.
It’s a very nice place to live, I’ve had zero problems while living here and it’s very convenient for me getting to school because of the short distance.
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