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I have been a resident of Carrollton my whole life. It is a very family friendly place where it is very safe for you to raise a family. There are very good nearby schools. It is also right in between Springfield and St.Louis so commute times to work aren't bad. The people of the town are very friendly and once you've lived here for a while you will know everyone and everyone will say hello when they see you around town. Carrollton is a very good and comfortable place to live.
Typical small town where everyone knows everyone and when there's someone in need my community is there to step in.
Carrollton is very family oriented. It's the kind of place you can still let your children play without fear. The only drawback is a lack of shopping options.
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I have lived in Carrollton my whole life. I love the fact that when you go into town that everyone knows everyone. I would love to be able to add more entertainment to the area.
I like driving through Carrollton, and the square is nice. There's also an ice cream place that is nice around there.
Small town, close knit community=safe and sound
Overall, it is great to live in our small town.
Carrollton is a small town of 2700 people, everywhere you go everyone knows your name.
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