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Carrollton offers a wide range of activities for all ages, and a safe, friendly community. It is located right outside major cities like Plano, Dallas or Irvine and offers a short commute to all big areas. The area is very diverse and people face no discrimination in this area.
I think Carrollton is a nice city to live in for a suburban family. This city is adjacent to two major highways making it easier and quicker to travel to and from work, stores, and friends/family.
Carrollton is a beautiful suburban area of Dallas. It embraces diversity and multicultural areas such as Korean Town in Downtown Carrollton. However, in the area where I live, just on the border of Lewisville and Carrollton, there are not many activities or natural areas to explore. I wish there were more places around my home to hang out, but luckily Carrollton is situated in the heart of Dallas and makes it easy for me to travel virtually anywhere on State Highway 121.
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I've lived my entire life around the DFW area. I must say that Carrollton is the best place I've lived in so far. It's affordable and as safe as you can expect in a large populated area.
I was born and raised in Carrollton and could not be any more happier about it. Many of the roads are nice and police safety is top notch. I know the police officers around here are quick and efficient on their jobs.
The schools are very good. I would like for the roads to be re paved. There are some areas that have could use refurbishing. Also, kids activiites, there is only one movie theater in carrollton, no mall, no skating rink. There is a public pool however it was closed this past summer for rennovations to the surrounding roads. We have seen some nice subdivisions being built, that is perferable than appartmenst. The school districts should consider assigning IPADS vs chrome books to students. Property taxes should be lowered. we had seen a significant increase over the past few years. Carrollton also need a community college the closest community college is over 15 miles away.
Carrollton has been my hometown since I was born. I enjoy it here. I went to grade school here. The high school that i originally went to before i changed to a different one was not the best with it's students. over all, Carrollton is a good place to live.
Carrollton is not a super rich city, but a nice place to live for both the middle class and little below. It also has a Korean town which offers great food.
Carrollton has always made me feel welcome. The city is not too big nor is it too small. It's close to Dallas, a larger city, yet still has the feel of a suburb and a community. People are very friendly and welcoming. None of my neighbors have ever been a problem. Everything in Carrollton is extremely close by, which is another thing I love. There are many places to visit and many activities around the city. My favorite place to visit is the downtown area, especially during the holidays because there is a big Christmas tree and ornaments. Overall, Carrollton is a great city to live in because the people make you feel welcome at all times and it is full of things to do.
Carrollton is a neat and very diverse suburb north of Dallas. It’s within easy reach of Dallas proper, as well as Plano, Addison, Lewisville, Coppell, and other places people like to be. I’ve had mixed interactions with law enforcement here, and customer service at most of the eateries here leave much to be desired, but overall, I like living here.
I love Carrollton altogether! It's been my childhood city and I enjoyed living in it for a long while, made lots of memories, and enjoyed what the city had to offer.
Carrollton is a friendly city in which the community is close and safe. There are many stores at a close driving distance that make every day easy.
I like the idea of being in a very family neighborhood. I would change the fact that there are no restaurants beside the fast food ones.
I currently go to school and live in Carrollton. I love the family-friendly environment that it provides.
I would like to see lower the real estate market lower and the job market rise a little. Otherwise its a great community the area is so nice and there is so much to do to keep you busy. Very family friendly as well.
I love living in Carrollton. The community atmosphere, makes it feel like home. I love the school district I am in, and there are always plenty of things to do.
This is honestly one of the safest and coolest places that I have ever lived. 10 outta 10. This town has a lot going on, but its not so much that you feel overwhelmed. Everyone that I've met here is nice too.
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I have lived in Carrollton my whole life. I love the community and public school system. The community is very diverse and it offers lots of fun activities for families.
The southern hospitality of Carrollton welcomes visitors with open arms. I appreciate the neighboring cities around Carrollton so there is plenty of activities to keep everyone of all ages entertained. Carrollton is also a cultural melting pot and allows for new experiences to be made right at home with cuisines especially!
Carrollton is a very family-oriented suburb with a large Asain community. It sits at a reasonable distance from urban areas like Ft. Worth, Downtown Dallas, etc. and has a wonderful variety of food choices.
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