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I think Carrollton is a great city to live and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. I was born and raised here, my friends/ family are here and it’s all I’ve ever known.
The area has grown a lot in the last several years. It is a comfortable place to live and all necessities are a short drive away. The area is safe and well taken care of. I would like to see more outdoor recreational activities available.
Even though I am a current resident in the city of Carrollton, I would still like to give my insight into the city and its facilities. In the last decade, I would say that Carrollton has very good public schools such as Hebron and Creekview High School. Carrollton public schools provide students with adequate college readiness resources that have made me feel more prepared to take college head-on. I would also say that other areas listed below are all very average; however, since Carrollton is a small suburb there isn't much nightlife or other activities to do here. Therefore, I would like to see more recreational activities in the city possibly after the pandemic has ended.
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I recently moved to Carrollton almost two years ago. I am from a very small town in Texarkana, Arkansas which is much different from the big city I now live in. Carrollton is a very welcoming/safe city. It is also very fast paced which I am not used to yet. Since I have moved to Carrollton my mother and I have been able to find many job opportunities. I was also enrolled in a great high school. Although it has not been easy adjusting to this new lifestyle we've managed to keep up. Just as we were getting comfortable the global pandemic had taken over. My mother was laid off leaving us with almost no money. As a 16 year old just now turning 17 I knew I had to step up and help with bills and ect. It has not been easy at all and we are still struggling to maintain. Although life hasn't been easy lately we can still depend on the people of this community to lift as up. Friendships have been made and family has been brought together. I am very thankful.
It’s built like a high school, everyone has crossed paths in some point of their time here. There are 5 different high schools in this suburb but everyone knows each other.
I like how it is diverse and family oriented but still has close night life. I like how I feel safe walking around at night. I am also very close to the highway so I have easy access to go anywhere.
I enjoy the fact that everything is close by and the neighborhood looks out for one another. It would be great if we could improve on parking lots and the speed people drive into neighborhoods because so many people love to walk around and children are playing outside
Carrollton is a typical suburban city just outside of Dallas. There is a wide variety of cultures and housing establishments. It has its share of crime, however I do not fell unsafe. They do not have as much entertainment as other cities but I think that is something they are working on. We love our neighborhood and where we live. It is convenient to other parts of the metroplex. The fire department is one of the best I have ever seen. They are very conservative with their finances which makes it appealing in times like we are currently in. They should hire more police officers, but I think that is an issue all PD around the U.S. are experiencing.
Carrollton is an amazing place with many fun places and welcoming people. It has a diverse community of friendly residents and occasionally local events. Although, many places aren't within walking distance; it is well worth the effort. Districts like k-town offer a cultural experience with Korean food and supermarkets. With fun activities and restaurants, the nightlife is always fun.
I love carrollton and the only thing I would want to change is there is literally nothing on the farther end closer to villa rica. I would put a grocery store and some sort of food option between the two. Otherwise you either have to go to downtown carrollton, or villa rica.
Carrollton is a growing city that is a perfect mix between city life and the suburbs. It has numerous parks, recreational areas, restaurants, and public spaces making this city very family friendly. The city also has numerous public schools which provide high level education allowing students to further their education with the best instructors possible. Carrollton is overall a very affordable area. Carrollton is not one of the safest communities in America.
I might be bias because this is the only city I lived in since I was a kid but I love everything that Carrollton have to offer. From the people to the many restaurants available. As an Asian myself there is never lack of food that connect to my culture. There is so many place to sit and relax in this quiet city.
I am born and raised in Carrollton and I love the diversity of the town. Historic Downtown Carrollton has cute and vintage shops that the locals love. The town is safe and has good public schools that offer good quality education. I will continue to live here and would love to have a family here as well.
This city is good because of safety and school is the best. In the other hand, people need to be healthy and safe land space.
Carrollton is a very nice area with more exciting things popping up every month. I have lived here my whole life, and I never get tired of the area.
Carrollton is a very diverse neighborhood where everyone is welcome. The school district of LISD is very good and provides excellent education to the children of this community.
I have grown up in Carrollton and plan to raise my children here. It is a great place with an amazing school district.
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I've lived in Carrollton all my life. It's not a ritzy or high-class community but it is home and I wouldn't have it any other way. Carrollton is close to a lot of cool places accessible by any of the major highways near us such as the President George Bush Highway. It is a quiet place where things do happen, I wouldn't call it the safest town in America but you do feel like you belong here. There are significant Latino and Asian communities here.
Carrollton Texas has a friendly and safe environment. It is a small town with Family/ friendly neighborhoods. Carrollton is very affordable and is very diverse.
Carrollton has always been my hometown my whole life, from going to school, to going to local stores and public places. Carrollton has felt like home, the city and neighborhood. Overall the neighbor hoods are full of beautiful neighborhoods and schools for locals in Carrollton. In terms of safety Carrollton has always seemed to be such a safe city. Its unconfirmed and vague but Carrollton was voted the most safe city in Texas from the next-door app. Nightlife is average just like any other city peaceful and calm. Diversity is solid as well bringing together all types of races together such as Latinos, Asians, and others into our community. Meaning its indeed diverse in terms of what people you will see. Carrollton is somewhat family friendly as well as there is always some places for families to gather. Overall living in Carrollton is a positive experience for anyone curious about the city. If someone is looking for a safe and beautiful neighborhoods then Carrollton fits that picture.
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