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I mainly stayed in an apartment that is predominantly a home for students, but young professionals live there too. The pool was a professional-looking pool and the staff was kind. My experience in Carrollton is based on this and the Carrollton square.
Pretty decent town to live in.. I would love for some parts of the town to be upgraded ! But what i can say is Carrollton has came a long way.. The new businesses here really what we need as a town !
There are decent stores in Carrollton, but once you have done everything here, you need to drive a decent half hour or more to get to what/where you need.
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The people are nice and have a sense of courtesy, while the crime is low. The only issue is poor standards of living in areas such as over-run and poorly maintained trailer parks.
This fine small southern town not far the big city of Atlanta is nice. The downtown square is always bustling and full of good restaurants.
Carrollton is a Georgian city about 45 minutes west of Atlanta. It has the classic feel of a small town, like Bruce Springsteen sings about in so many of his songs, but it also has a strong sense of community. The GreenBelt, a walkable/bikeable loop that goes through various parts of Carrollton's natural forests, is probably the best thing the city has ever done--it's always in use. The citizens here focus on the arts and athletics alike--high school football games are electric, and the arts programs, both through the city and some schools, are respectable and inclusive. Carrollton is a great place for families!
A quaintness covers the town. It’s very pretty and much less crowded than my hometown of Orlando. As much as I love the culture and the effort being made to update small areas of town, it still is very limited time on things to experience.
This city is both a large metropolis and a small town, all in one. It has all of the amenities you could want, including but not limited to cultural arts, restaurants and a University.
Worst area for a University, literally in the middle of nowhere. Very few jobs and even fewer things to do.
I love Carrollton is a great town not too far from Atlanta. There are so many great communities and is an all-round great place to live.
I think my favorite part about living in Carrollton would be the Greenbelt. It is a stretch of sidewalks that people can walk, jog, run and even bike throughout the entirety of the town.
I like that they have the green belt walking trail and starting to build more stores but I don’t like that businesses don’t have recycling bins and I don’t like that there has been more kidnappings on the news and at the university of West Georgia, which is a few minutes from where I live.
Even though the town is very small the people here tend to be very nice. JUst ask for help and people will help you. Violence isnt that big in Carrollton.
I think that Carrollton is a nice, small town to live in. It wouldn't be someone's first choice but it definitely isn't a last. It's nice if you like to be secluded and a little ways away from the city.
Carrollton is a college town. Lovely local restaurants offer delicious food vs all of the chain restaurants in the area. Atlanta is approximately 50 minutes away for Things to Do, such as a zoo or aquarium. Downtown Carrollton has quaint shops and a very nice amphitheater just off the square.
The City of Carrollton is a very safe community, filled with dozens of citizens who are always willing to give back. Carrollton is built off of the hard work of the members in the community as well as continues to grow because of them. Carrollton is a place that you can call home. The community is flooded with down to earth, loving and caring people who are constantly opening up their arms to others.
I know everyone and anyone in Carrollton. It’s a small town but it’s growing. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family. I don’t think I would change a thing.
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Everybody is super nice and welcoming. I am from Colombia, and came to Carrollton to pursue a Master's degree. Being away from home has been hard but since I have been here I feel like home.
I love to walk outside and I always feel safe no matter the time. Also, this town has many stores and places that I can go to.
I love Carrollton! The only thing that could be better is safety and more job opportunities. The town has a great variety of restaurants and nightlife but also plenty of options for family friendly activites.
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