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Even though the town is very small the people here tend to be very nice. JUst ask for help and people will help you. Violence isnt that big in Carrollton.
I think that Carrollton is a nice, small town to live in. It wouldn't be someone's first choice but it definitely isn't a last. It's nice if you like to be secluded and a little ways away from the city.
Carrollton is a college town. Lovely local restaurants offer delicious food vs all of the chain restaurants in the area. Atlanta is approximately 50 minutes away for Things to Do, such as a zoo or aquarium. Downtown Carrollton has quaint shops and a very nice amphitheater just off the square.
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The City of Carrollton is a very safe community, filled with dozens of citizens who are always willing to give back. Carrollton is built off of the hard work of the members in the community as well as continues to grow because of them. Carrollton is a place that you can call home. The community is flooded with down to earth, loving and caring people who are constantly opening up their arms to others.
I know everyone and anyone in Carrollton. It’s a small town but it’s growing. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family. I don’t think I would change a thing.
Everybody is super nice and welcoming. I am from Colombia, and came to Carrollton to pursue a Master's degree. Being away from home has been hard but since I have been here I feel like home.
I love to walk outside and I always feel safe no matter the time. Also, this town has many stores and places that I can go to.
I love Carrollton! The only thing that could be better is safety and more job opportunities. The town has a great variety of restaurants and nightlife but also plenty of options for family friendly activites.
Overall Carrollton is one of the nicer cities in regards to the area surrounding it. There is a good bit to do and also a fair amount of places to eat. Overall all i'm really happy I moved here
Quiet little suburban town, perfect place to go to college. Lots of parks and things to do. Town square is always hustling and bustling on Friday nights.
It's a college town partially occupied by UWG graduates and their children. This town is not receptive to progressive ideas, for the most part. The city loves trump and confederate flags, church (there's like over 100), and high school football maybe too much. I grew up in the area, however mostly outside of the city limits, and graduated from Carrollton High School. The best decision I ever made was moving to Atlanta for college!
Carrollton can be boring and I don't feel super safe outside of the college campus. Otherwise, there are places such as the square that are really nice. The restaurants are great. Cute little college town.
Carrollton is a good city with pros and cons. Just like any other city, there are good and bad sides of town, but it is much more good than bad. I enjoy the variety of local shops and various restaurants, and the town is quite beautiful in many areas, with historic, modern, artsy, and vintage charm, mixed together or separate. My main complaint about Carrollton is the lack of sidewalks, bike lanes, or public transportation. The only bus system is through the University of West Georgia and is only available to their students. There are very little sidewalks in a large portion of town, so you have to walk in the grass or on the curb, and there's either no bike lane or very run down bike lanes, or they are blocked. For example, some of the bike lanes have potholes, so you have to go into the road or else your bike will flip, and many people will come very close to you while driving with no respect to your safety, or they will park in the bike lanes, blocking your way.
Carrollton is constantly improving to be better and grow as a community. I wish there were more recreational activities, though.
I went to college here. UWG is a great school. It is a great town for college students. Rent near campus is affordable. The campus is convenient to the stores. The down side is there is not much to keep someone here after they graduate. There are few jobs for college educated people. More industries are needed here in the West Georgia area. A lot of jobs are low paying. The greenbelt is great but it should be expanded so people living in southwest Carrollton can have access to it. It would be great to have a bowling alley and arcade place. The town needs better dining. Too many pizza places. The better jobs are often based on who you know or who you grew up with. The commute to Atlanta is terrible with all the congestion.
Carrollton is a very peaceful and tranquil city located 46 miles west of Atlanta. I have always had an excellent experience in this city, for it and the surrounding communities have brought me into the position I am in today.
I attended the University of West Georgia here and absolutely loved it. If you love the city life, well, still consider Carrollton. It might not be exactly what you're looking for but it might be what you need. The town is pretty small but there are a few things to do: movies, going out to eat, skating, plays, bowling in close golf Newnan or douglasville, etc). Cost of living for students is among some of the lowest you'll get in Georgia. Stores are close by and lots of job opportunities for students.
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Carrollton is where I grew up. From gymnastics when I was little, to Chick-Fil-A as a young teen through my early twenties, to married with children. This town is truly great. We have the great country life and yet in 5-10 min you could be in the city trying to figure out what new restaurant you want to try. I especially love the holidays/events we have on the square. We have a taste of Carrollton, Mayfest, Concerts at the amp, trick or treating, a tree lighting, pub crawls, Cinco De Mayo, St. Patricks Day, etc...
We get so many new people from the college every year. The graduates end up with jobs here and raising their families here too. Our little town has grown so much.
I am so thankful to live in such a great city. Raising my children here will be great.
Carrollton is a great environment for small families and college students. Really quiet and peaceful. Surrounding school are superb!
Nestled in West Georgia lies the city of Carrollton, home to around 26,000 people. There are two school public school options (k-12), county and city, and both are rated well in education. The city is also home to approximately 12,000 collegiate students who are currently enrolled in The University of West Georgia. Carrollton offers a wide variety of shops, both chain and local, all within a 10 mile radius. The beautiful Carrollton greenbelt circles the city--people can walk, run, bike (and ride anything else non-motorized) in small portions or for the entire 16-mile loop. The city also offers a lively downtown area complete with a square full of local shops and fare.
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