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I feel very safe in this community, there is very little to no crime at all.
We have local Emergency Backup such as police, firemen, and etc. but not enough of them.
I personally love the summers around here, It's a nice suttle temperature, not to hot or not to cold, but the winters kill us with the amount of snow and cold weather we get.
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Virtually every job is already taken and without knowing someone to get in a job, a chance to get a job here is slim to none.
There is basically nothing to do if your under 21 after 10:00pm
We have such a small knit community, Everyone knows everyone. Everything here is Mediocre besides our Highschool, We have a subway and McDonalds as a fast food restaurant and they are beyond slow.
While looking for a summer job, I applied to many different places (some in other towns), and I didn't hear back from any of them. Davis Bessie employs hundreds of people though, part-time, full-time, and during outages, so there's an opportunity for those interested in that. Also, McDonald's is always hiring, but I refused to apply there as it is a dirty place with disrespectful managers.
There aren't many stores or restaurants. You can probably get by with the local stores (for example, groceries at the IGA, tools at the hardware store, etc.), but there aren't many places to eat. Also, we have more gas stations than stoplights, so there's that.
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