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I think that carrboro is a nice place to live in!, I have lived in carrboro for 1 year and so far it has been very good, I like it here because the community is very nice, also there are many school where I live in, I can go walking to school, the schools also have a lot of sports to choose from.
Very artsy town, rent is affordable, there are many unique restaurants and interesting storefronts. In particular there are several truly excellent pizza places
It's a great city! The nature is incredible and has a ton of outdoor activities to offer. It is a family-friendly community, including students from UNC-Chapel Hill. Downtown Carrboro offfer unique shops, restaurants, and much more.
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I really enjoy living inc Carrboro because of the sense of community throughout the whole town. The suburb of Chapel Hill and Durham offers affordable housing with short walk or bike commutes. Everyone is friendly and I feel very safe living in this neighborhood. Public Transportation is the only things that may need improvement.
Carrboro is a diverse and progressive community. It’s super walkable and has great restaurants and shops.
It's a cool, graduate student and young family-friendly little town. You can find great restaurants and great community programs. It's a small town but there are different people from different many countries with complete different backgrounds and that's what I like about Carrboro, diversity! Also, they have a really good school system especially for ESL and EL(English learner students like myself).
Carrboro has great places to eat, feels safe, and is close to both UNC and Duke. It feels small, but is close enough to the airport and shopping in Raleigh to feel like you have access to everything.
Carrboro is a wonderful, family-friendly town just minutes from Chapel Hill and other parts of the triangle. There's a strong community, lots of live music, and community events.
Carrboro is a friendly, walkable, cute little town right next to Chapel Hill. It's perfect for a graduate student looking to live a little farther away from campus where it's a little more quiet than the undergraduate areas.
I have lived in this area all my life. Although growth is changing some of the things I've come to love about my town, it's still a wonderful place to be.
I love this liberal, inclusive, walkable community! I love the farmer's markets, the coffee shops, the greenway and public spaces, co-op market and public transportation. It's a wonderful town where all are welcome.
Wonderful little community - fighting back against overdevelopment and rapid growth, quirky shops and restaurants, always likely to run into like ten people you know. Wondefully walkable, friendly folks.
We moved here about 10 months ago from the San Francisco Bay Area. We couldn't be happier, this place is magical, so much to do, warm people, great food and great culture!
Quiet, safe neighborhoods. Great for families, college students, and young professionals alike. Easy access to larger urban areas.
I like that Carrboro is close to the bigger cities of Chapel hill, Durham and Raleigh but doesn't have the traffic. Also very nice if you work at UNC hospital, which I do, but can afford or don't want to pay the Chapel hill prices.
Lived here 20 yrs. town has great vibe, friendly, mostly safe, much preferred to Chapel Hill (which I'd more $$ and not as laid back..
A beautiful place with a lot of open minded folks. There are community events almost every week. Not to mention the proximity to Chapel Hill that provides even more things to do. Local restaurants owned by people who live here and use local ingredients. There are a lot of biking and nature trails and is absolutely beautiful.
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I love that Carrboro is a small town located right next to Chapel Hill. There is always little events going on which make living here fun.
Lovely and liberal :) Lots of community events and great coffee! Traffic is getting to be a headache. Less major development of large scale apartment buildings would be nice.
As a community, Carrboro has a friendly and sometimes eclectic vibe. If one phrase could describe the way of life here, it would be "think globally, act locally." Carrboro advertises its support for local business and support of each other as community members. Great restaurants, breweries, nightlife and great community programs make Carrboro a great place to call home.
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