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Carmel has a great education system and community atmosphere that becomes anyone who lives here. While there is often a stigma associated with Carmel, it really is one of the best places to live in the nation. The recent addition of roundabouts replacing stoplights has been effective in decreasing fatal crashes in the town. The community hosts great events like the 4th of July parade and Carmel Fest, a weekly farmers market, Palladium concerts, and an ice rink in the winter. The school system is one of the best in the state and prepares students well for college and life after high school. The neighborhoods are safe and there is always something to get involved in at Carmel.
Downtown Carmel is very fun; there are art exhibits, interesting shops, and lots of places to eat. There is a wonderful library (Carmel Clay Public Library).
However, there is construction going on a lot of the time in Carmel - less green space every year due to more apartments being built and more roundabouts being put in.
I think Carmel has a very nice atmosphere. That being said, I wish it had more opportunities for education.
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It is very safe and the roads are very nice. Academics and sports are amazing at the schools. There is a stereotype at Carmel that the kids are snobby and rich. That is not always true, but it can be just like at any other school or city.
Carmel is probably one of the best places in America you could hope to raise a family and have a good childhood in, it has got some of the best ranked school systems in the nation and the community is beyond friendly. I love that its not too big that it's overwhelming, but at the same time not small enough that someone could call it uninteresting!
The biggest thing about Carmel for me is its public schools. They are VERY good and are the best in the surrounding area. Lots of opportunities for children and students. The city is pretty safe. The nightlife in carmel does not exist but thats perfect for families. The real estate in Carmel are higher than the surrounding areas/cities. Its driving distance from downtown indianapolis so its commute times are overall good. Theres lots of roundabouts and the roads are very good in carmel as well.
Carmel is a town (more than a city). It is your typical suburbia, but with a lot more affluence, and thus a lot more economic inequality. Carmel compared with the surrounding cities and towns leads residents to call it a "bubble," which is an apt description for how the town seems insulated from many local and international issues. However, Carmel is diverse in its demographics, values, and activities. The community works hard to preserve the town's reputation.
As a transplant from another state, Carmel is everything we wanted in a town to raise our children. While we knew the schools were the best around and it was a safe city, we didn’t realize how “small” this town of 90k + actually feels. We love the downtown area, the bike/walking paths, as well as being centrally located to Indy.

We have lived in numerous cities for my husband’s job and Carmel is by far our favorite.
Carmel is a very calm and quaint town. unless you live downtown you won't be able to get anywhere without a car, most of the city is sprawling suburban neighborhoods with any commerce being lightly sprinkled throughout.
Carmel is a great place that fosters healthy, safe, and cultural living. It promotes easy access to all parts of the city, as well as provides multiple resources for business and the arts. I am so very happy to be a citizen of this city and be able to go to school here in Carmel, IN.
Carmel is a nationally recognized city and has been ranked the No. 1 best place to live in Money magazine and on It is a great city to live in because of many factors that make it special. First and foremost Carmel is ranked one of the safest cities in Indiana, and has a very low crime rate overall and extremely low violent and property crime rate. Carmel also has a very good school system and is nationally recognized for the quality of education students receive from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and the amount of extracurriculars and opportunities CCS kids benefit from as they progress through school.
Carmel is truly an amazing place. I’m so lucky to live here. The public schools are amazing, the performing arts district is wonderful, and downtown Carmel is just beautiful. I love the safe environment of Carmel. Everyone is nice, and there is little traffic, or potholes too. It’s a great place to raise a family because of its parks and schools.
I personally didn't like Carmel because of its superficial and egotistical environment. It is a nice place to live but is way to competitive and materialistic that it tends to bring a lot of people, especially teenagers, down. It has its pros but to me, there are more cons than pros.
Since I have lived here, Carmel has been nothing but safe, quite friendly, and just filled with round-a-bouts. It is a nice, simple suburb town and expanding rapidly. However, I know many teens that can not wait to leave, as although people call it a "great place to raise children", I don't know many children that love it. Carmel is stereotyped by surrounding towns as the rich, stuck up people, and I would say that stereotype has been proven more than a few times to me.
this amazing place is very welcome to anyone and is very nice and pleasant where you can be allowed to live any kind of lifestyle with many well money-earning jobs that are fairly close to any house
I absolutely love this town. This is a wonderful place for families and friends. This city focuses on safety, however, the nightlife should become more developed.
The school I attend in Carmel is great, and the city is very well kept. Everyone is friendly and neighborly, so I've never felt out of place even though I don't live there. There are quite a few places around town that are hiring (ex. Wendy's, McDonald's, Subway, etc.) Not to mention the schools in the area, which are also really great.
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Carmel's a really great place to live, I really enjoy it. The only thing I would want is more things to do and places to hang out!
It's a nice place, but it's your typical suburban city with a little more personal touches and a little more money. I lived there basically my whole life and I can say that it is a safe place with some of the best public schools in the nation. However it does lack in nightlife and activities to do, but it's not that far away from other areas that offer that kind of entertainment. I would recommend only living here if you also have the money for it as it is a generally speaking upper middle class, lower upper class, area.
Carmel is safe and provides a great sense of community. There are many places to go to with family, good restaurants are opening up and many neighborhoods have pools, tennis courts and quite a few parks scattered around the town. for parents who want to go out to a city nightlife every once in a while, Indianapolis is close by.
One can't forget to mention the arts district and the galleries there and the amazing schools which instill a great sense of pride and responsibility in the work you do. starting in elementary school, going through the great middle schools which prepare students for the years to come and leading all the way to Carmel High School. CHS has ≈5,400 students and operates like a small college and provides an excellent program of studies across a broad range of different subjects including fine arts, performing arts, sciences, math, English, and a huge offering of clubs and extracurriculars.
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