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Cape Fear Township Reviews

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People tend to stay in the area their whole life. Pet friendly.
There have been some murders in town, but not where I live.
People are very friendly. Traffic is not too bad. New restaurants are opening. I see a lot of growth for this area.
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It is a very private place. And the country part of it is very peaceful.
In the past few years, there has been a big boom in new retail stores and restaurants. This "Boom" has increased the economic traffic in Sanford and provided many new jobs. I am very happy with the new construction and am always excited to see what new building has been built when I go home.
No problem with parking. The road suck in areas, but are usually fixed within a few years.
There aren't too many small or privately owned food businesses in Sanford, but there are many chains and somewhat popular food establishments all through town.
While there are a lot of new management and simple sales associate jobs, there aren't too many new BIG companies… which puts people with higher degrees at a disadvantage.
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