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I like my high school. Other than that, the city is used for old people, made for old people, and by old people.
This city is a very quiet one. Although the population may be high, the residents are older and not much activity occurs. The people are kind and work together as a community. Local events happen often, which brings people of all ages together. I feel like one thing that could help improve this city is adding more amenities to it. Being able to have activities that are always there rather than limited time events would benefit both the city and its people.
I like a lot of things, it is a calm town. Central regarding other cities in Florida. It’s land has a good value, so it is good for investors and for living, while your money grow. Nice weather, and a lot of potential to grow, as other cities in Florida are getting expensive.
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Cape Coral is a beautiful city. The city is active and has lot of community events to attend throughout the year. I feel that the city should plan more community workouts or runs in the area to keep healthy and focus on community health
I loved Cape Coral because of the ability to raise a family there without having to worry due to low crime rate and great schools.
not very diverse. if you're not white and conservative i wouldn't recommend coming here. also if you don't support trump this place. a lot of conservative trump supporters here. they're not really hostile but as a minority you will probably feel out of place.
Decent place to raise a family. It is close to everything, not very much of a night life. Would like nicer beaches in the cape area
I Lived here 20 years. Wish I would bought land sooner.
My family loves it. Especially the All the mini. Outdoor places. Food good. Lots of local bands. You can meet lot of. People from all over the world. Despite the issue of hurricanes. It worth the risk. I been in 1 so far. We take extreme measures to be here to prepare for any hurricanes. Love fact that when it rain comes then it clears up fast and the sun comes up. It seems to amaze how 20 years went by fast. So do yourself a favor.. Rent a place first to get a feel for our town. Lots of activities and even perfect night to view 🌄 no pot holes. Here. Like other city. Super layed..back
Its really xhanged for. Better. The city improves downtown and sidewalks nice. Lots of palm trees and parks.
Overall, everyone I've talked to has been kind and public spaces generally haven't been uncomfortable to be in. There is a lot of open space across the city with much greenery. Overall, a nice, calm and collected suburban location.
People are polite for the most part. The city is large and expansive. There's a lot of room for development.
At first I thought it was weird with not a lot of trees, wires and bad roads! Some nasty neighborhoods! I also found very nice parts and cheaper rent and housing prices are half of Everywhere else! I love driving over the bridges and visiting the beaches! I’m moving to Sw cape in October!!!
Cape Coral is a great city that is constantly growing. It's citizens truly appreciate living in a small piece of paradise and work hard to make sure that waterways and wildlife populations stay protected and healthy. The city is always providing ways for people to participate in their community and be involved, and there is no shortage of art fairs, holiday celebrations, and community gatherings each year for everyone to get out and enjoy what the city has to offer.
It is a very safe neighborhood that is close to good beaches. Great sunrises as well as amazing schools. It is the sunshine withing the sunshine state.
Cape Coral is one of the most safest neighborhoods in Florida. The housing is quite affordable compared to the cities nearby.
Cape Coral has a lesser tax amount than Fort Myers within Lee County, but Cape Coral does not have as many activities in the area compared to Fort Myers. While Fort Myers is in driving distance, sometimes the driving times can be very long in order to go somewhere.
Cape Coral is a nice city to live in. The crime rate is very low and is family-friendly. There are numerous parks around the city that you can visit with or without your family. Also, there are tons of lakes that you can visit also if you are interested in fishing.
I have been living in Cape Coral for three years and I love it here. I started high school in 2017 and I am going to graduate this year. I moved here from a place that was not safe or fit for children to live. Now I have a lot more freedom because it is way safer. I live in a gated community, where I can go out to ride a bike or take my dogs for a walk without worrying that I might be unsafe.
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I have moved here when I was younger and it is not a bad area to stay in. It has many places to eat that are very affordable. The schools here are nice, I have attended one of them myself and it was not a bad experience. The houses here various choices and are very affordable prices.
Cape Coral is the #1 growing city in the Unites States. People move here for the "beautiful" Florida sun and beaches. Unfortunately, what the tourist magazines, social medial and real estate companies fail to tell you it there is nothing to do for anyone under the age of 35. For this reason, it has a high number of DUI cases. Let me elaborate. If there is no where to go, then most meet up at bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, comedy clubs and do what? Drink. The state follows the DUI cases with high number of DUI or pedestrian fatalities. Please keep in mind that the DUIs and crashes are not specific to Cape Coral. It's Florida.

In reference to Cape Coral. We do have one of the best law enforcement agencies and code enforcement. For this reason, we pay higher taxes and are taxed for everything and anything. Think of it as a gated community without the gate. If you want to live in a city with nothing to do...this is your place. You will have sun and much of it. Welcome.
Worst place I have ever lived. They cut down every tree they find. The folks on the city's board believe in absolutely no green spaces in neighborhood's. Overhead wires are everywhere. There are no trees shading anything. This place WAS so so rich with beautiful birds and animals. Now they just starve to death.
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