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I lived in Cape Coral, Fl for 1 year. I am in my mid 40s and all I can say is after Easter through December, this area can be very boring. Stores are empty and hardly no one on the beaches. I was very lonely and bored. The crime is very bad. In one day, over 50 cars where broken into and the older community is a target for thieves. The closest beach is Fort Myers or Venice. Sarasota would be a better place to live. I missed the 4 seasons and I felt trapped during hurricane season. The drivers are terrible and a lot of tourist in the spring. There is very little night life and the food is terrible. Mostly fast food places. The place you vacation may not always be the place to live full time.
If one is looking for a quiet, peaceful, and connected town, Cape Coral is an excellent choice. The town is a rare find as a perfect example of the ideal suburban life; not too busy and overflowing with traffic while at the same time not empty of personality. The town is also not too far away from major cities like Miami and Tampa so residents can take a trip over a leisurely weekend. The scenery is also beautiful; Cape Coral is situated on the gulf coast with plenty of access to water and beaches. The weather is quite pleasant most of the time and the people are incredibly nice.
Popular museums, water parks, and other attractions can be found here. Has yout typicall restaurants and grocery stores that can be found anywhere. Friendly people and affordable housing were also noted.
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Cape Coral is a “city” that’s completely tree-less and has like 6 styles of houses that are cookie cutters placed over and over and over again. It has NO downtown and is a cluster F of crap everywhere you turn. Lee county was ground zero for where the recent recession was started.... What does that tell you? DONT MOVE HERE!! Not to mention that the traffic is horrendous and the city ordinance are like hens driving around to see who’s doing wrong to get in trouble. It’s ridiculous as a whole!
I really love my city. Cape Coral often gets a bad rep from the surrounding cities because it’s known to be full of older people, which is true. But Cape Coral is actually the fastest growing city in the untied states, and has recently received new additions that have begun to liven it up. I think Cape Coral is beautiful and fun!
I feel that Cape Coral is a wonderful place to live. It is great for families with children as the schools are very good. I also like that you don't need to travel very far to get to any stores. Everything you can need is within a few miles. Most importantly it is a very safe place to live. I have lived here for over 8 years and I hardly hear of any major crimes in this area. I would definitely recommend Cape Coral to families who are considering moving into Florida.
Cape Coral is a big ole expensive island. There's three bridges to Cape Coral, the only ways on and off, and two of them cost a fee. The traffic is also a horrifying nightmare, especially when a crash happens on or close to one of the bridges. Houses are so expensive, there's a lot of drug use going on, and it will flood with rain. And the neighborhood rules can be really strict about the appearance and personality of your property.
Cape Coral is nice town to raise family or retire. weather is great. down fall is hurricane scares, snowbirds.
I recently took a trip to Cape Coral and had a great time. It is very close to the beach. It is a great environment and the sunsets there are amazing. There is a bunch of great and friendly people there.
Cape Coral is a beautiful, warm, friendly and family friendly community, with low crime and affordable housing with great schools.
We made the mistake of buying a house in SW Cape Coral on Lake Kennedy. We were fortunate enough to unload it in 2014. Needless to say, all the reviews about commute time and jobs are 100% correct. The county has no plans to resolve the traffic issue. Commercial realtors more than once killed plans to build overpasses, flyovers or express lanes on Colonial Blvd. Unless working 3 retail or waitstaff jobs is appealing. Basically, its older boomers and the people who serve them.

Also, there has been a shift in the last few years to more than 1/2 of the houses being rentals. There were over 9,000 homes for sale when I looked recently. so that's roughly 10% of homes. Many of these are people who have moved on and are unable to sell and are renting to whomever will pay the mortgage. The city is growing and depopulating as well.

Crime: Car burglary and theft in general is through the roof. Don't forget the homeless camps off Pine Island Road too.
I love Cape Coral, but I think that they should have less canals and more roadways. The traffic is bad most of the time and it is kind of a retirement city so there are a lot of slow moving vehicles driven by elderly people. The kids in schools are not monitored enough and the safety element in cape coral is lacking a lot. There are SO MANY kids doing drugs and smoking illegal substances around Cape Coral. It is a very pretty town though.
Its quiet and small so everything you need is nearby. Althoug sometimes it gets a little boring since this city is more for retired people but there are such things to have fun here.
More commercial restaurants. A mall added or better entertainment instead of more gulf courses. The city needs to attract youth.
There is not much to do in Cape Coral. If you want to go out and have some fun you need to go across the bridge which costs $2 every time.
I would like Cape Coral to change with the Road, Bike, and Pedestrian Safety! There are a number of car crashes that occur every month that I have already lost track. Pedestrians are not safe even with areas with sidewalks, nor are bicyclists. The School District of Lee County could do a better job with the lunch offered in the public schools and the availability of service in their offices. The housing could be better if they understood how to make the neighborhoods more appealing. On the other hand, you will find family-friendly neighborhoods almost anywhere! The parks are beautiful and are almost always clean.
Growing up here has been very good overall. Cape Coral is a very safe city to be raised in and has many opportunities and small activities to partake in. There is easy access to any resources that may be needed and is central to other cities in Florida.
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Cape Coral has a lot of big neat houses which look really beautiful. It is also covered up with stores that everyone likes to go out and shop at.
Nothing but a boring, retirement community. Florida is beautiful if that’s what you like, but this area is not where you move to raise a family.
I believe that there needs to be more things for teenagers to, I know I always have to ask myself what to do because there is nothing to do here. I don't believe its a kid/teen friendly place because its so boring.
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