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This is a very welcoming town where people feel a sense of community and frequently help each other.
Scenic town with a very active volunteer base. This is a place that cares about our community and its health.
Small city located near Canandaigua Lake, this community is easy to navigate through (even rush hour isn't awful) as well as enjoying summer and winter activities. Public schools are pretty good. Neighborhoods are friendly. Sonnenberg is amazing!
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Canandaigua is a bigger city comparing to Farmington, so it is spacious with a lot of beautiful land/sights. However, it is also small enough to feel safe and homely.
There are a decent amount of local shops for groceries and gathering supplies for personal interest. There however is not a lot of events or local activity, or atleast not much the community is made aware of. There a small local movie theater, but if a person is interested in getting involved in community building activities. Yoga, dancing, art groups, paintball, rock climbing are not found here, at least I have not been informed of it. It is a nice town however, it's a suburban city with a rural feel.
Canandaigua is know as "The Chosen Spot" and I believe there simply are no other words to describe it. Having the privilege of growing up in Canandaigua was truly amazing and I will cherish and visit this beautiful city for years to come.
I moved to Canandaigua from a small rural town and have lived here for four years now. I originally moved here for college and loved it so much, I ended up moving here permanently. I love how everything is in walking distance, and how convenient it truly is to live so close to the lake as well! It's so fun to be able to take a short walk down to the lake and kayak, boat, swim, and walk dogs! Absolute best place to call home.
I love that it has plenty of shopping choices, Kershaw park is always full with friendly residents, and being right by the lake is great.
The people are nice, the scenery is great. The lake makes it the beautiful resort town that it has become. Highly recommend visiting any time of the year.
Beautiful during all the seasons. Cute downtown with nice shops, friendly people, good restaurants. The area is worth to discover. Great hiking trails, parks, Bristol Mountains for skiing, golf, and the obligatory wine tours.
Being close to the lake is definitely a plus but I do not enjoy the overwhelming amount of republicans in the area.
Canandaigua is an amazing place to live. Between the scenic views of the lake and the small environment, this town is unbeatable. Everywhere you go, you will see a familiar face which makes you feel even more at home. I have loved growing up in Canandaigua and I can't wait to continue to enjoy what it has to offer to the public.
There is alot to do for a small community.
I see no problem with the crime and safety of our town. It rarely ever becomes a problem because most people in Canandaigua are great and the police force is great too.
I love living in Canandaigua. I have lived their since I was 3 years old. I went through the entire school district and last year graduated from Canandaigua Academy. In the summer so many people spend their days on the lake, and in the winter most spend free time at Bristol Mountain. It's a great town to live in year round
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