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Despite its large population, Campbell has that small, hometown feel. I've grown up with the same grocery store clerks, bankers, and postmen. The city is filled with many "mom n pop" shops and small family businesses with heavy support from the community. Campbell's presence in the Silicon Valley provides residents with an abundance of both educational and employment opportunities. Many students in Campbell pursue a career in the STEM fields due to years of experience in the Silicon Valley. Residents of Campbell have a heavy concern for the maintenance and upkeep of their community which ultimately keeps the city in mint condition.
Downtown is developing fantastically and has an excellent night life. It is a generally safe area for families etc. Living costs can be high but are worth it for its residents. Plenty of parks and things to do, generally a good spot.
Campbell has some of the best weather in the Bay Area, lots to do for all ages, convenient location, all in the heart of Silicon Valley
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The qualities I enjoy most about Campbell are the clean, friendly, and wholesome environment it provides to not only its residents but to visitors. There are plenty of small shops to visit in the downtown area meanwhile supplying trendy places to grab a small bite or full course meal. While campbell provides many welcoming qualities, I would like to see more community events to draw in a more diverse crowd.
Nice town that has lots of restaurants in walking distance. Neighbors look out for one another, which is crucial now days. You see lots of families and their pets taking evening walks.
Campbell is a safe place to be. Lots of fun things to do in the area. There is a lot to do if you're the kind of person to go make your fun. The local schools are great, very family friendly neighborhoods and extraordinarily diverse town to be in. With all the mountains surrounding the area, there is much to do. You must be willing to go for a short drive to get there. The nightlife is something that you will have to create, there is not a ton of things to do, other than eat. This is a very mellow, but very safe town to live in.
What I really like about this neighborhood is that it is very peaceful. Kids can go out to play, neighbors know each other very well. Campbell is really it's own world. Convenience stores are close by as well as different restaurants to choose from.
I have lived in Campbell for the last 20 years. Growing up here and watching the city grow has been incredible. Downtown is always a popular choice and has something for everyone!
I've lived in Campbell my whole life, and saw it grow and change over the course of my life. It's had its ups and downs, and most of the time I've seen it under construction, but after things were all fixed up and constructed, this city has just gotten even more beautiful than it was when it started out.
Campbell is such a great little area that is really growing! It has a much younger feel than San Jose, Los Gatos and Willow Glen. Downtown Campbell has tons of fun shops and so many awesome places to eat at.
There are a variety of outdoor things such as outdoor dining, outdoor gears that you can purchase, outdoor wedding venues, and outdoor dog friendly restaurants.
There are great nearby notaries, public transportations, and other most things that are beneficial for the public.
There are a variety of nearby private gyms and public gyms at the community center. There are also exercising equipment at public parks and trails.
There are always places to rent and or houses that are for sale around the area.
The crime/safety is not all that good, but isn't all that bad. I don't usually hear alot of crimes going on in Campbell, but at random times there are crimes that happen.
The weather here is great. When seasons change, so does the weather. It stays at the temperature it's supposed to be most of the time.
The employment rate in Campbell, CA is 53.7% greater than the California average and 61.9% greater than the National average.
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There are fast foods like McDonalds, Jack in the Box, and Weinershnitzel. There is a new Wing Stop opening up soon as well. There's also a unique Italian restaurant and The Pruneyard is nearby this area too with restaurants such as Buca di Beppo.
The local businesses here are excellent. There are grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, restaurants, and a hospital near by.
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