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Camano Island is very peaceful and beautiful. I am lucky to have grown up here, on the beaches that surround the island. It is perfect for raising a family and is part of a great school district.
Camano Island is a beautiful place to live that is out of the way and secluded. No matter where you go on the island it is always the scenic route being surrounded by the ocean!
Camano Island is a nice place for people of all ages. It makes a great retirement location as well as a safe place for younger kids. Camano has several public and private beaches around every corner. Camano Island includes all types of housing, anything from beach houses, lots with a view, and secluded acreage. If you like to be secluded or just out on a beach Camano is for you. The only disadvantage of Camano Island is the traffic and commute for those working off the island. There is only one way to get on and off the island, a bridge. With the high school being in Stanwood the bridge and areas before it often get extremely congested on school mornings.
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I grew up on Camano and to tell you the truth, it is a beautiful place to live. Green, ocean views and no lack of parks. I always enjoyed being outside and I got very lucky growing up here as a child. My one complaint is that the population has risen over time and houses have been popping up like weeds. cutting down the greenery to place these cookie cutter houses has salted my mind on certain areas of Camano. But overall, its an extremely gorgeous place to live.
Pretty calm are with lots of beautiful views. A large population of elder residents. People are generally pretty friendly, but don't be out too late or you might get the cops called on you.
I love this island. Everything about it is beautiful, and the little coffee shops everywhere are so good! Very welcoming and cute town.
Camano Island is a wonderful wildlife filled community. It is also getting a population that will crowd out the wildlife soon. Along with this is a growing concern on traffic on and off the island at peak times. Other than that, everyone on the island is kind and courteous. Exception would be the drivers who insist on driving at 35 mph on 55 mph roads.
I do not believe there is any crime in the area. The biggest crime I see happening is speeding. I have never experienced anything personally.
So, I am a little younger, and don't have a lot of experience out of the area. I do believe this a great area. Its quiet, I haven't heard of any crime in a long time, lots of trees and fresh air. Sometimes you can smell the salt from the ocean. It can be a little windy, but the weather is really nice. People are usually elders, and don't mind chatting.
I love living in a smaller town, but still feeling really close to the bigger cities
I have always enjoyed the variety of things to do in this area. It is very versatile.
reaction time of police/fire station.
don't hear of any crimes so the cops are alright.
It rains a lot, so flooding is the only problem.
It's very difficult to find a job in Stanwood.
It's a very small town, so the only grocery stores we have are expensive ones.
People in my area are genuinely kind when approached.
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