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Caledonia is an amazing community just outside of Grand Rapids. The school district of this little town is spectacular. All of the teachers and parents really care for students. It is the perfect place to live in.
There is always a sense of community and everyone can come together at one in times of celebration and in times of need.
Welcoming and king community, as well as a good school system. I moved from the school district but I still live in the community and it's still fairly safe, despite its rapid growth.
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Clean, friendly, close to Grand Rapids and areas for entertainment. Lacks diversity. Can be more expensive than surrounding areas.
Caledonia is a nice place to live and start a family. It is close enough to GR where you can go to concerts or nice dinners. It does not have many restaurants of its own or fun attractions.
Caledonia is such a great place to live. We have some of the best schools in the country! We are only 45minutes to 1 hour away from the lakeshore to make for a perfect day trip in the summer! Winters are cold, but great skiing and snowboarding is nearby!
We did not like Caledonia, lived there 8 years, 8 years too long. People are "Cliquey", pretentious, and look down on you if you are at all different. Not very accepting of others or openminded. Nowhere nice to eat for dinner/lunch except a bar or bad Mexican.
Small, safe, and relaxing community. The town includes plenty of things to do, including a spectacular library, beautiful lakeside park, and some of the best biking trails.
The overall people who live there seem nice but too many rich kids. Also most of the roads are terrible.
Caledonia is such a good small and safe town. It is growing and if you like that small town feel, it is the place for you. There is not a lot of attractions in caledonia but you are close to everything. The farthest you have to go is about a 20 minute drive.
My family and I just moved to Caledonia two years ago, and so far we love it. The township is well maintained and provides a safe place to live. There are many events that happen as well as a very nice high school, Caledonia High School. I am going to be a senior this year and I love the atmosphere it brings.
Caledonia is a close-knit and friendly community with a very good support system in high times and in low. Neighbors welcome you into their homes with open arms and make you feel like you belong within their community. Our schooling system is very strong with high academic standards in order to provide and receive the best education around.

Some things that could be different would be the opportunity to have a more interactive community with chances to have more gatherings outside of school- functioned events (Relay for Life etc.). We also could more businesses to make our town more lively. Caledonia has been around for a long time and making it more modern could help bring in visitors or even more neighbors.
Caledonia is family oriented town with close knit friends. The community is involved in school events and education is an encouraged priority for children. Caledonia is centrally located between main attractions, but is not to far from city life. This suburban town is known for its country atmosphere that ensures privacy and safety for all family.
Amazing small town USA kind of place. Surrounded by a country setting complete with corn and bean fields. Everything you need is in town, and downtown Grand Rapids is an easy 20 minutes away with M-6. It's the type of place you know your neighbor and you're happy that you do. Good schools, lots of churches, easy access to everything, multiple beautiful lakes.
friendly people, great schools. .......................................................................................,,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,............
It is a great town, with great people, a great school system and even greater teachers. I have grown up there all of my life, I can say without a doubt you will not find a greater community of people who care about you and your family, and would do anything for them, without asking for something in return. Everyone is hard working, seeks to do what is right at any cost, and stand by their beliefs.
Caledonia Community School is one of the top schools in Grand Rapids area. My son recently started going here and he absolutely loves it. Kettle Lake Elementary school is very hands on with their student. They also keep the parents of the children as informed as possible. From emails, parent-teacher conferences, to parents night. If your looking for schools to bring your youngsters to. I'd recommend the Caledonia Public School system.
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Surprising amount of choices for a small village.
There are employment opportunities; however, most of the opportunities are in the Grand Rapids area.
Again, Caledonia is a small area. What we do have is okay though.
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