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This is a great area to live in. However, the current massive population growth makes this area seem old and unable to keep up with the growth.
Higher crime rate than many other places in the valley. Love the college campus area and the atmosphere around the college sports. I like that the town is somewhat small and cheaper to live in than Boise (usually).
I've lived here 23 years and, to be fair, Caldwell has come a very long way. The crime rate is the lowest in the valley, businesses are coming back into the downtown area, more and more housing is being built every month to accommodate for the real estate boom. It's close enough to Boise to make a trip there reasonable, yet far enough out that housing costs are a bit cheaper. All in all, it's a pretty good place to raise a family. On the other hand, it's not really impressive in terms of aesthetic or "things to do". There are a couple parks in city limits, and a movie theater, but any substantial shopping or entertainment is done in other nearby cities.
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Caldwell used to be a great place to live. It has quickly become too overcrowded. There also isn’t much to do in Caldwell when it comes to recreation.
Caldwell has been my home for my whole life. It is a safe environment and for the most part it has been a place that is smaller but has a lot to offer. As the years have came It has changed so much to keep up date to what people like and it makes a good place to come to relax in. Some thing I would change about Caldwell is to change the pay of jobs around the valley. The average wage here is $7.25. With materials and necessities being so much more expensive, this money is not going to give you a lot. Personally I think everyone should get around $13 an hr so that they can live okay and not have to be stressed about certain aspects in their lives. Not only that but we need to lower down the poverty rate and make the change to avoid that. It is such a heartbreaker to see people struggle and are less fortunate.
I love the Hispanic diversity. It is a very safe and clean town. Very recently it has expanded and the downtown invites all the community to join in the fun of ice skating. Very family oriented and goal driven community.
Love our hometown, Caldwell! <3 Love the smaller town feel and people. So many events for the whole family and so much to get out and do close-by! Wineries, YMCA, Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge, Indian Creek Plaza/downtown. etc. etc!. I'm rating our public school experience as high. Much better than experience in CA. Also rating "nightlife" as high because we LOVE the family friendly safe downtown.
Caldwell has lots of very caring people along with cheap goods and services. Pricing is on the rise and traffic is getting worse, but the community is worth it.
I moved to Caldwell just under four years ago from Modesto, California and moving here was a big culture shock. It seemed as if life here in Caldwell moves a lot slower and is much more manageable as compared to city life. Both businesses and people alike are much more personable, and this is also seen in schools as well. I feel as if the teachers truly want each of their students to succeed and to actually learn and understand the material at hand instead of merely memorizing facts. I would definitely recommend for families with children to move to Caldwell because their well-being will be take much more seriously and to heart that any other city I have been in.
I lived there and a lot of people don't realize a lot of the crime that does happen because they live on the good side of caldwell but i lived on the street side the bad side and there were drug dealers and shootings that happened between gangs.
I have grown up in Caldwell and now choose to live here as an adult because I was able to afford a larger home here than I could in Nampa or Ada county. I am slowly starting to fall more in love with Caldwell everyday as our growth and clean up of our community evolves.
It is a small but diverse community with a bustling downtown area, quiet neighborhoods, and historic homes in close proximity to elementary and secondary schools, colleges, libraries, and parks. There are many new opportunities popping up in regards to jobs, housing, and school.
We sold our home in Meridian to pay off debt and moved to Caldwell with intent of moving back to Meridian but we fell in love with Caldwell. People are kind, the Mayor is amazing and making incredible improvements and we feel safe. Our home has more than doubled In two years!
Lots to do here. Just Between Indian Creek plaza and the Simplot stadium there are over two hundred events a year. We love this city!
I have lived in Caldwell for my whole life and I have experienced all good and bad and I feel that there is so much to do and that makes you want to go out and do so much around town.
Caldwell is an up and coming community... it's relatively close to Boise and Meridian. There is plenty of outdoor activities. I am a realtor that lives in Caldwell. I previously lived in California. You will definitely get more bang for your buck here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me:
Caldwell has recently started growing. Besides the College of Idaho, Caldwell now has many new attractions. I believe Caldwell is slowly becoming a place worth visiting.
County officials discriminate against non-English speaking residents. The city is safe, not a lot of crime. The schools could be better.
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Caldwell is one of the last small towns where you feel like a family. I know all my neighbors and since we live a bit away from the closest grocery store, I can always pop by and ask for sugar if I am out and vice versa. I moved here 5 years ago and have finally found the home I've been looking for. I will definitely be raising my children here when I have a family.
Small town feel but easy access to everything. There is still farm land and a lake nearby. Shopping and restaurants are slowly being added as our thousands of new homes.
well i have lived here for over seven years now. and really enjoy my neighborhood, because it is being built out to create a nice little town feel with better establishments.
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