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The bad guys usually lose to the police.
There is not a lot here, but it is still nice.
Not too often but we will hear about crime.
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The atmosphere is great and it is a great area.
The area is very boring, not very many things to do during leisure times. Area is geared towards the older generations and doesn't focus on the younger generations.
There is 3 places to eat, the cafe thats been open for what seems forever, considering my grandpas picture is on the wall of football fame, there is a subway which is fairly new to the area and there is a really gross mexican restaurant and if you eat the tacos you are guaranteed a clean bowel system for 2-3 days.
Here in Paradise, everyone owns a gun, and everyone knows it. A lot of people believe in the right to bare arms and nobody is afraid to defend what is theirs.
Only high school students that participate in sports are physically active. the physical education class doesn't do much but sit on the bleachers and wait for the bell to ring for lunch.
Paradise Tx, is not paradise at all, your out in the sticks and all you see everyday are cowsamd dirt. There is one gas station as well as one stop light. One time i was late to work because a cow had escaped through a hole in a fence and it took 5 men to get the cow out of harms way, back into the fenced area, this took about 15 minutes. Generally Paradise is a peaceful area, unless its memorial day or independence day weekend. That is when all the rednecks gather around and blow stuff up. I Cant wait to leave this town, getting this scholarship would help achieve that....quickly
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