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I would like to see more job opportunities for the youth, more scholarships, more academic help at schools, more help for the parents who don't have a high school diploma.
The housing is all great, as their are places available for all price ranges.
People tend to live here all their lives, it is extremely pet friendly, and there are lots of fun events for the whole family to enjoy.
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Although I've never really had a problem with crime safety, I've heard from others that the police response times can be pretty slow.
If I could do it all over again, I would definitely choose to live here again. Salisbury is a great home town and it fits me like a glove.
there is not a lot of crime in this area. i have not need to call the police for an issue since i lived here
very small town. there is a big community feel, everyone knows everyone. there are not a lot of things to do, but they local high school sporting events are a good time.
Quality is good, but pricing varies drastically.
The people in this area look out for each other.
Cost is ridiculous in comparison to other areas.
Not born and raised here so it's harder as it's who you know and/or friends with.
Car just got broken into this week in my parent's driveway in what is so called a good neighborhood.
Not much opportunity in this area. A lot of who you are who you know and connections.
The most crime is within city limits but a bit of theft occurs in rural areas. Police are fast to respond in town but in rural areas, unless a police officer lives nearby, police may take anywhere from ten to twenty minutes to arrive. Self defense and protective measures are encouraged and almost everyone has at least one weapon or gun in the house to use as protection against home invaders or killers.
The area is very small and can quickly become secluded when leaving city limits (which happens very fast). There is not really many things for youth to go enjoy in the area, but there are definitely some cool restaurants. Neat how close it is to the beach (half hour or so from Ocean City, MD) and how accessible some major cities on the Northern East Coast are--places like Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. are only a matter of a few hours drive from here. You get to experience the full range of seasons here also. Great area for creative people that enjoy finding things outdoors to do.
We live in a rural part of the city but can be anywhere within 15 minutes
We live in a rural area outside of a college town. Can stay out in the country and be in the city within 15 minutes for anything we need.
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I've never had problems, however, the neighbors look out for each other.
I like it because it is a safe area that is cheap to live in. It is a small area and is outside the county's trash pick-up, but otherwise a great place. Very quiet, too.
Crime rate is rising in young adults
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