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West Baton Rouge Parish Reviews

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There are some cool homes. Then there is the hood. Where there are awful houses and amazing cars.
The crime started happening when people moved out of New Orleans. I guess gangs didn't click... but since then, the crime has been ridiculous. I always hear about someone getting shot or stabbed EVERY SINGLE DAY.
This weather changes its mind on a frequent basis. One day it is scorching hot, the next day it is cool. Somedays it rains really hard and it gets cold. Other days it's flipping hot out of nowhere. It changes like I change my underwear.
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I like places like Athenos and Las Palmas. There are some small businesses around here that do quite nicely.
I mean, I have only worked $7.50 an hour jobs. Nothing to huge. It's really the same thing when you move out. The managers hate their life because that's all they can get. Sometimes the McDonalds people are mean. It happens
I like this area. It has some nice things to offer. The traffic is terrible around here though and nobody cares to do anything about it because they're lazy. Why fix things when you can tend to tedious things and make money right? Besides that, the YMCA is good, the spectrum is good. I like walmart. There are some stores around here that do well. Benedettos is good.
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