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We have had no regrets since moving here in 2002!
A great place to raise your children. Good school and a lot of good people. However, I would never live here without kids because there is not much to do and can get depressing.
Its a small town. We have Wilkes Desmond for college classes, which pays for some, and its great! I feel as if we are a very poor community, as we have students come and go all the time. There are many poor students in Clyde Savannah as well. You can tell they have poor home lives by the way they act and their appearance. Looking at other school districts, even those within a 30 minute drive, you can see we do not have as great of a education system as others. My hometown area is a poor area and if things keep going in the direction they are now, things will not improve.
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Great for the medical field, and there's wegmans
Rochester has great restaurants and Wegmans!
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