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Washington county is a great place to raise a family, however housing has skyrocketed with low paying jobs. The religion here is mostly mormon, so some individuals may feel left out if they are not the same religion. However, is it safe here and the weather is wonderful.
The community, especially the neighborhood and area, is amazing!! Everyone here in Silver Falls is always prepared to step up and help where ever they can! 10/10 would recommend it here!
Washington County is a place to raise a family, Southern Utah is absolutely gorgeous YEAR ROUND. We are surrounded by State Parks, including Zion National Park and Brian Head Resort.

Beautiful City, Beautiful State
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I love Washington city it's home , the people are friendly we have everything you could need and the city is growing faster than i would have thought possible.
I have lived in Washington County for 15 years, I have had many different work experiences and have learned many things. They pay is getting better for the working class, which is good. It is a bit expensive to live here but the area is absolutely breath taking. I have met so many wonderful people here, just simply amazing. So many lasting friendships!

I have raised my children here, it has been a wonderful place for them to grow and experience different things. The schools were great, helping them learn skills before they graduated. Now my grandchildren will have the same opportunity to grow up here also. Overall it is a great place!
Washington county is lovely community. It has several schools and great shopping. It also is a growing community so there is much more to come. I do wish that there were more churches.
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