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It is a beautiful historical community. Lots of options for shopping in the downtown area. This community is trying to keep it's historical feeling alive while adding outside workout areas, parks and attractions for the younger people of the area.
Wabash county has seen much growth as a town and a community. The first Friday of every month they set up down town for residents and visitors to explore the art and local businesses. Mom and Pop shops have been in quite the spotlight the past few years. I find it encouraging. It almost seems like the town is trying to transform into a tourist attraction. I would like to see more services offered rather than small clothing stores and fast food. It would be rather brilliant to open something for teens and young adults to fill their evening time; that might help get some trouble off the streets if we have more activities after the shops cloths. I believe that the honey well center provided excellent entertainment, but that is not everyone taste. The current renovation of the Eagles theater will provide some life to the evening but not uphold everyone interests.
Wabash is a very beautiful historic town.There are many fun family activities. Wabash hosts a first Friday event the first Friday of every month. Lots of activities for children, bouncy houses, face paintings, and food trucks.The Honeywell center has many shows including music and theater from all over the world. The new park view hospital just opened creating lots of new jobs. Overall wabash is a small town with lots of sights to see.
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It has some small town historical sights if you are interested in that. It has a remodeled downtown area with local businesses. Other than that it pales in comparison to other areas.
There're great historical sites for such a small town. Also, they have the Honeywell Center which is always hosting shows with lots of diversity.
Wabash is a great small town. Downtown Wabash has grown and improved a lot over the past few years and is a great place to walk around and visit.
Wabash is a small town in Indiana. Although its population is generally older, this quiet town is proud of its involvement in art and theater. Honeywell Center is the hotspot for many performers, who stay at the Charley Creek Inn. Drive-in movie theaters are becoming increasingly harder to find. Luckily, Wabash has it's very own drive-in, which provides kids games, such as scavenger hunts, before the movie starts. The local coffee shop is uniquely different from any typical Starbucks with its circus themed ornamentation. Even more exciting, Wabash will soon have a newly built Parkview Hospital, which will bring in more job opportunities. Although this tranquil town may seem to move at a leisurely pace, we enjoy events such a First Fridays to promote locally owned businesses that sell a variety of handcrafted items. Wabash's growth is still underway, but there is a seed of potential budding.
A small town with a very unique down home feel. Wabash offers visitors more than just a one day experience. With an array of various activities and sites to see, Wabash is a small place with a big town feel. For entertainment, events hosted by Honeywell Center are a must! Food from locally owned restaurants like Market Street Grill, are incredible. Also, First Fridays in downtown Wabash, offer excellent shops that provide a little something for everyone! For a couple’s getaway, I suggest experiencing the Charley Creek In. Charley Creek provides a night of dinner and fabulous vintage room accommodations.
I like how easy it is to navigate the website and apply to several scholarships. When going to school, any money is helpful.
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