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I live in deland,fl and their to much drugs ,homeless and fighting. The school system isn’t good for kids .
Volusia County is quite diverse, both by ethnicity and by availability of work, education and personal interest opportunities.

The natural resources of our County offer various outdoor recreational experiences including bike riding, canoeing, and fishing along the great St. John's River, skydiving at Deland Airport, and swimming and sunbathing at the " World's Most Famous Beach", Daytona, among others.

Downtown Deland hosts a multitude of quaint shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

We are home to a variety of bike/auto events, including the Daytona 500 and Daytona Bike Week. There is truly something for everyone in Volusia County in every aspect and every arena.
I live in volusia county, I feel that everything is nearby, or within a decent drive. The cost of lviing is higher than some places but that is to be expected in a state that profits solely off of tourism. I'm not a huge fan of the public school system, but my kids are growing more intelligent with every passing day, so they are doing something right.
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I would like to see better investments in k-12 education. The county is affordable to live in, but it would be enriching for the economy to have more businesses.
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