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Ventura County has a lot of fantastic opportunities along with alternative education options. I moved here when I was 13 and I couldn't imagine my life elsewhere.
Great beaches healthy attitudes and great families, schools are helping students succeed with their goals. activities for kids are always accessed in this county for every age-ability of the children.
Ventura County is a perfect sunny place to live in! It isn’t the very much safest of places but has a lot to offer. From the shopping outlets to great local shops and places to eat!
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Ventura is a really nice area. My Mom loves living her since it’s usually sunny. We’ve lived in Ventura for many years. The restaurants and shopping centers are what make up the county.
I've grown up in Ventura County my whole life and have come to realize how blessed I am to live in such laid back environment with such beautiful views of the mountains and the ocean.
Ventura County is, for the most part, a bedroom county for Los Angeles conveniently locate 30 minutes from Santa Barbara, and bordering on Westlake, part of LA County. It is a quiet place with many outdoor activities including, but not limited to, hiking, kayaking, swimming, cycling, and more. It is incredibly safe, and Ventura (city) and The Valley are short drives from any part of the county if you want to experience nightlife. I've loved living here.
Ventura county has many unique and special features such as our city views and beaches! There is always something to do here, and that is why many individuals come here for vacations, events, etc.
I love Ventura County! There is such amazing food and experiences. The schools are all amazing, and offer great opportunities. The sports are always excellent and offer amazing games to watch. The views are all so so beautiful. You can see the beach from almost every place in Ventura, along with the beautiful hills. Downtown is such a fun shopping environments. Everything about Ventura is so amazing. I highly recommend living here. It is one of the most family friendly beautiful places I have ever seen. The beaches are amazing, and the people are so friendly. You will never look back once you come here. Bryant lives here too, which is more than enough incentive for any living creature to move here as he is the most amazing human being that I have ever had and will ever have the pleasure of knowing.
Great Weather, Beaches are awesome, beautiful city but lots of homeless folks. Low Crime, good public school system (for most areas). Diverse culture (mostly white and Hispanics with some Asians). LA is one hour drive away. Plenty of parks for families. Downtown Ventura is very pleasant without a lot of big chain restaurants there. Many family events each month to enjoy.
I love Ventura county, it is a great place to live not only for work ;but also for fun as well with great beaches, night life, and educational systems ventura is a five star county to live in!
The things that I love about Ventura County is that the weather is always perfect. I also really love that we are so close by the beach wherever we go, there are also so many delicious place to eat or even just hangout with friends and family. The greatest thing that I really enjoy are the people that live here because everyone is so friendly and helpful. It is a pretty small community that if there is ever a problem happening the community always comes together to help each other. For example, when the Thomas Fire was happening everyone in the community came together and helped each other get help by providing food, clothing, housing, etc.
I love Ventura County it’s a beach city that is fun and the weather is always perfect. I’m born and raised and would not like to live anywhere else. However, it is very expensive to live here. Rent and mortgage payments are astronomical. I would like to see a change in either the cost of living or or the average income of residents increase.
Ventura County is a very beautiful county, with a diverse community. Many places to visit & sightsee as well as having the ocean right next to us. Would like to see more jobs and fixing of roads.
Ventura County has beautiful sceneries as it is located along the coast. This County is blessed with different beaches to visit and trails to hike. There are many restaurants to enjoy authentic food for all over the world. Although, the County is getting more crowded it is still one of the best places to live in California for the weather.
Ventura County is a beautiful area to grow up and live in. The scenery is amazing and the weather is prefect all year long.
Ventura County has good weather and atmosphere due to the proximity of the county to the beach. While it has enjoyable weather ranging from moderately warm to moderately cold, there is downsides like the constant wind. The traffic in the county is pretty bad due to the highways leading to bigger more populated cities such as LA. The safety of the county is also not the best and roaming out at night isn't exactly a safe option. Another drawback is the affordability of houses or any decent living space. Due to the good weather and beaches houses, apartments, rooms in general remain at high prices.
Its a good town theres always something to do. you could go on a walk or bike ride around town or go shopping. Its best for a family.
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I have lived in Ventura County for thirty-five years. The most attractive part of this county is the small town feel it retains, yet right on the coast. I have been a business woman for all of those years and enjoyed a productive life.
Ventura County was my home for over twelve years. I loved the county and everything it had to offer. I would always love going down to the Ventura County State Fair. It was an iconic spot I would always visit with my father.
The entire county is incredibly diverse, from the relatively tranquil suburbs of Camarillo and Newbury Park, to the more urban environments in Ventura and Oxnard. There are many opportunities, especially in the agricultural industry, as from Oxnard to Fillmore there are so many fields and farm workers are everywhere. The cities of Ventura and Ojai are definitely the most liberal parts of the county, as the former is close to the beach and the latter is basically the wine capital of the county. The county itself has a very distinct culture that combines and detracts parts from its neighboring counties: Kern, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. The weather here is okay too, but it never gets too cold. It's definitely on the liberal side, but it's surprisingly vast and beautiful, and even if you're not a beach person, there's something for everyone.
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