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My experience in Rahway has been one of the best moves I have ever made! I have seen this town evolve over the past few years and while it continues to grow there are more businesses and family fun things to do. Its very diverse which is much better than the surrounding areas such as Clark and Westfield.
There's a very big difference between the different towns/cities in Union County. Cities like Elizabeth and Rahway have more diversity, but also frequently face economic and crime struggles. Then there's the wealthy towns such as Westfield/Summit/Berkeley Heights. It's like a completely different area compared to Elizabeth and Rahway. The majority of their population is white and makes $100,000+. I have been lucky enough to explore many of the towns that I was not familiar with growing up in UC, and there's always more to discover.
The schools there are very interesting yet very diverse, but overall very family friendly. A lot of different cultures with food, events, the whole nine yards. Honestly one of the best counties in Jersey
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love this place! lived here all my life, while it has some faults (which town doesn't) it has many small businesses that thrive and is very quiet.
I would highly recommend this college if you straight out of high school and are unsure of what degree you are interested in pursuing. They offer a variety of courses that are financially reasonable.
I have been living here for almost 10years. Ive always felt safe. There are so many stores around where I live. I never have to travel far. The community is very involved
I love Union county its nice, quiet, and clean. The experience here is lovely,everyone seems to be very friendly.
It is a very diverse place. The communities hold several events where people can come together, just have fun and interact which is great. Also, the schools are really good and strive for the best for the students. The neighborhoods are pretty safe too.
Union center is absolutely awesome! Union is a relatively small township that has just enough entertainment that you could never be bored of. It’s also the town of the college I plan on attending.
Union is a good town to be in to raise children. It is safe to walk around town and it has good school opportunities available to any child. Overall it is a decent place to live, with few draw backs if any.
Moved here in Spring of 2015 and love it here. It is a very diverse town with close proximity to NYC. Downtown seems to be improving but very slowly and still needs lots of work. Lots of great restaurants such as Van Go Cafe which is very hippie. School is great as my kid loves her school and we have attended PTA meetings and very fond of the academic there. The taxes are the only downfall, it is high here. Our area overall is quiet, clean and friendly. Influx of new neighbors from nyc are moving in the area and it is changing for the better.
So far, I have a great experience in Union County. The things that I like about Union County is that the area is safe, clean, and quiet; the schools are good even though they are not perfect. I would like to see more jobs available in the area. This is the reasons why I like Union County.
It's a nice county to explore. Each city within the county has its own charm. Certain cities have more of a nightlife than the others. You are able to find community activities (family friendly) and plenty of recreational places to choose from. It's very diverse. Certain cities maintain and upgrade their towns more than others.
I want to see less traffic. I want to see more playgrounds for children. I think there should be more parking available on the streets. Police should patrol more often.
I enjoy being able to take my daughter to the park and watching her interact with the neighborhood children. The area is very nice and peaceful.
Union County is a great place to live. It has very diverse towns of varying backgrounds. The public schools have a lot to offer and the students have left with a priceless education that carries them to college. Overall, it really is a wonderful place.
Union County overall is very busy and people are always working here. Some of the roads needs to be paved and redone because there are too many huge bumps and potholes will damage cars.
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Decent county. Lives there for 5 years and was satisfied with it. Short commute to New York City. Has some nice family communities as well as some parts that are not family friendly. Good food spots
I love this city, so much fun and excitement.. I feel safe walking through it and I feel the joy of people.
Union County is very quiet and peaceful. I lived here most years of my life amongst family and friends. I definitely recommend living here to anyone.
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