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Everything is close together, a refreshing tight knit community. I especially love the nature and hiking trails that makes the suburbs so unique. The traffic is starting to get bad as more people join the community, but at the same time the growing population gives way to more convenience and commodities.
My city is a great city. The people are very nice and the homes are in good shape. The city of Travis County is pretty calm for the most part. My family loves living here and the community is good. We have been here for years and will continue to be here for many more.
Its pretty chill here around downtown Austin. Night life is great and job opportunities are great thus if you're young this is the place to be.
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I love the neighborhood and the people around. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. South Austin community feels safe and is very close.
I like how everyone is pretty friendly and neighbors are mutually helpful. One thing that could be better is driving- sometimes the traffic gets bad because people don’t follow the rules. Other than that, I think the environment and atmosphere of our town is wonderful and the kids have great opportunities to succeed.
There are a lot of great opportunities for employment, always events going on around the county and a very low crime rate. If you already own property in Travis County, it can be very profitable since the real estate market is high. This can make it a lot harder renting or trying to buy a house though. There are a number of higher education options, with campuses around the county. Traffic is generally pretty heavy, but more highways and toll roads are being built to help reduce the congestion.
I really love my community. Everyone who lives here is very friendly, and the school system is fantastic. There are so many things available to students, from tutoring to extracurriculars. The only drawback is the drastic increase in traffic these last few years because so many people are moving here. A drive that should take at most 15 minutes can take anywhere from a half hour to an hour and a half. If you're willing to sit through it, however, the benifits are worth it. There will also be a new road built in a few years to help with the high school traffic.
Austin is a alsume place to live. It is the land of anything goes because we are quirky and diverse. Every week there is some kind of festable happening and they always have something for every age. Austin also, has great resturants with many kinds of varities of food for all. However cost of living is very high in most arrears.
Lived here for over 14 years, it is really expanding and is a great place to live! Went to school here and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!
The only thing that needs work is maybe some better roads.
I loved my neighbors. People were kind and outgoing. On any given cool (and even hot) evenings, you could see several families all gathered in one driveway. The adults would talk while the kids played (often spilling over into several yards). I loved seeing that.
I have lived in Travis county for 2 years and the area we live in is very clean, quiet, safe and I place we will raise our kids in. The night life is not something I have interest in so it fits perfect to what we want to accomplish with our kids.
I've grew up in the Travis county all my life and where I live, particularly we never really had any major problems.
Though the police are not around, but there there when we need them. And the streets and buildings by this are are neat.
I moved to this area last year, and I like it.
Austin is a safe city, just need to keep it that way with people moving from all around the US
Austin has grown so much and still is! I'm happy to say it's a safe city and despite the traffic I enjoy living here
very nice hometown close to austin
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There was a lot of breaking into vehicles and vandalism on vehicles.
The area was easy access to shopping, major highways, and was a pretty peaceful neighborhood. However the crime was higher in the last 1.5 years then it had been in the entire 8 years I lived in that apartment. The rent went up almost $400 over a years time which made it affordable.
Pricing of new homes and appraisal value is normal & significant. No vacant/abandoned properties. Utilities are rather high due to living in rural area and having access to rural utility companies, electrical, water, and propane gas.
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