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A large chunk of Washington was just destroyed by a tornado, but this is not something that common. Summers are hot and humid, winters are cold and frigid.
We do have nice workout facilities with a very helpful staff. As far as the people, I'd say we're pretty average as far as health goes. There are also running/biking trails around town that you can utilize.
There aren't really any attractions here that I can think of.
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Washington is generally a pretty friendly place to live, however that are some small town politics that go on.
Very good community. Everyone is super friendly and the schools are nice.
There are a few choices in town, but I prefer going to Peoria or East Peoria for food.
I'd say that it's pretty average here. There is some corruption in the city, but it's being worked out.
Nothing specifically in town, but you're close to larger towns where there are more transportation options.
I never feel unsafe or threatened here, even walking around at night. However, venturing into Sunnyland is another story.
Homes here are very nice, very well kept up with.
I mean, it's Central Illinois, so there's a lot of corn and bean fields. There is a nice natural area, Farmdale, that has nice nature trails for walking, biking, and horseback riding.
You're close to Bloomington and Peoria, so there are a variety of job opportunities.
It's a small town, so there's smaller local businesses around, but if you want to do some actual shopping, it's best to drive into Peoria.
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