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Talbot County Reviews

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The community is very close. Everyone knows one another and like to get to residents that come to the area.
Crime is not that high here. You feel safe walking down the street. Elementary school and Public library is right next to the Police Department.
Small neighborhoods/town. Everyone is friendly. When I get married I will definitely buy a house here. It has been amazing growing up in this area.
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The houses are great, they have lots of land and are very well built. I live in a great area there are no abandoned houses.
The people are great! It is very pet friendly because of the wide open spaces and people tend to stay here a long time, usually their entire lives but if they don'y, they always come back to visit.
It is a very safe town and I have never been concerned for my safety.
It's a great and very friendly place to live! The area is beautiful!
Very low rate of crime in my neighborhood
Very friendly community ag and tourism based
It is a nice place to raise a child/grow up in. Can get boring after high school.
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