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An excellent and peaceful county. While there may not be too many activities here, the summit county parks system is beautiful. Firestone park has the greatest sledding hill I have ever seen.
The best experience with living in summit county, Fairlawn offers discounted wifi called Fairlawn Gig. Summit Mall is a good place to wind down.
Populated, well kept and clean, new millennial shops and restaurants are reputable for a good time. Its safe and affordable.
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I love my county!! There are many engaging activities and there are many ways to get to know people. It satiates all types of interests! I’ve had many great opportunities open up to me because of the amazing community that lives here!
Depends on the neighborhood you live in. People are generally nice. It's your typical neighborhood. Schools are not the greatest. The cost of living is reasonable.
Summit County is like a "little" Cuyahoga County. There is a city feel in certain areas, primarily Akron proper, but there is also a plethora of smaller communities. Tons of development and growth going on!
I would like the community to treat the neighborhoods better. The downtown area is very beautiful and high-tech, however, if someone ventures ten minutes away from that area it is like two different cities. It is obvious some people don't care about their neighborhood which is disheartening when there are people that do and are trying to make the neighborhod a better place.
Summit county has a very good governing body, some very good schools and a good safety force. The people are friendly and the neighborhood multicultural.They have three fortune five hundred companies that attract some of the worlds best professionals. The universities and colleges are world respected, educating some of the countries best scientist in diverse field like polymer, engineering , while training nurses and lawyers. The employment is stable with wages about the same as the national average. The entertainment is quite nice they have numerous venues for live plays and concerts. The restaurants and clubs serves many different kinds of cuisines that are quite delicious. The traffic is very manageable both in the city and departing city.
I moved to this area 3 years ago for a job. I loved how much green space and trees there were, and the Bike trail next to the old canal is AMAZING! Since moving here I've found the love of my life. Also the Rent is affordable and most things are with in walking or driving distance.
Summit provided amazing schools, restaurants, community activities, churches, etc. In Summit county, everyone works their hardest to make it a safe place for their children.
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