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I love living in Sullivan county but I would like to see more oppurtunity in public schools like city schools receive.
I want to know all there is to know about sulavin county Kingsport Tennessee I really want to no about the air pollution are people sick from or is the air in Kingsport Tennessee I clean for the most part
I like that it is quiet here - not a lot of traffic or noisy neighbors. Also, lots of space around houses, its not packed like larger cities.
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Most homes are falling apart, in disrepair, or trailers
They take care of eacchother, but only if their neighbor meets their idea of need and values. Everyone minds everyone elses business far too much.
Overall everyone is too poor to steal from anyone else. Police tend to respond quickly, and the conviction rate is almost 100%
The cost of living is almost unbeatable, but the average income is pretty low. The cycle of poverty is alive and well here.
Our law enforcement officers make me feel safe.
Very beautiful area. Neighbors are extremely friendly and respectful. I enjoy the peacefulness of the area as well.
There actually isn't as much crime in my neighborhood now as there was when I first moved here.
Where I live now is better than where I lived before.
the crime rate is pretty low in Kingsport, and that is another reason why I love to live here. I feel safe knowing that there is little to no crime.
Living where I live now is the absolute best. People are always friendly, the scenery is gorgeous, and the cost of living is very low.
The tri-cities area isn't very dangerous when it comes to crime and safety. Police tend to respond quickly when there is an issue, and they are visible on the roads if you need to flag one down or if there's an accident. The crime rate is fairly low in this area.
I love the Southern Hospitality of East Tennessee. People are generally fairly kind around here. The mountains are beautiful, and they usually keep tornadoes away from this area. East Tennessee feels the remnants of a hurricane but is never hit too hard. The fall colors are beautiful when the leaves start to change. Driving through the mountains in Autumn is absolutely breathtaking. During the winter, the snowfall is nice, but it may keep you indoors from time to time.
The weather is amazing. The view outside and the atmosphere is beautiful. I would live here for the rest of my life if I could.
The authorities are very visible and typically respond in a timely manner. While drugs, particularly prescription pill abuse and meth are prevalent and in the news on a continuous basis, safety is not top concern where I live. My parents' house has never been broken into and I know of no one personally who has been burglarized or threatened by crime. Night lighting, along with roads and sidewalks could and are being improved by the increased development of recent years. A quandary exists in the decision of certain municipalities in the area to implement traffic enforcement cameras to deliver automated citations for traffic violations such as speeding and running red lights. While this undoubtedly frees up law enforcement officials to pursue greater crimes, it enable certain level of paranoia to exist and often causes a backlash of unsafe driving maneuvers, specifically when people slam on their brakes in either condition to avoid committing a less dangerous violation.
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The Tri-Cities are booming with activity, with each city accumulating a growing number of attractions, restaurants, and places to go for entertainment. Aside from the notable increase in traffic, the quality of life is not negatively affected, but rather is positively increased by the diversity and proximity of places of interest. The recent boom in attractions, both in the downtown areas and in the suburbs, reduces travel, (at least for me), by creating more things to do within a shorter travel distance. Despite the boost in positive economic activity in the areas, drug abuse and social security dependence of non-seniors are seemingly on the increase. Whereas I have not researched statistics, of the acquaintances that I have made with neighbors over the years, over half claim to be injured and receive social security, yet they are always out mowing the yard, going on vacation, going out to eat, working in the garden, and living without the stress of going to work to earn a living. Receiving disablilty benefits is becoming a popular co out for not getting a job and going to work every day. The ease in which these benefits can be obtained waters down the value of hard work. Though this is likely a widespread issue, it is undoubtedly a common occurrence in my neighborhood. On a more positive note, this area is simply beautiful. The rolling mountains frame the area and underlay a landscape that is neither too steep or too flat. The temperate climate, along with many sunny days and the occasional rain shower keep the foliage lush from late spring until mid-fall. This is the place to be if one loves the outdoors. Additionally there are a plethora of places to hike, swim, fish, bike, and enjoy the outdoors. This is the perfect home.
There's not much crime around here, but when there is it is minor.
This is a great place to live with wonderful people around you to help you in any way you may need!
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