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I believe we need to fix one particular problem. My family lives there, and since our neighborhood is considered "out of city limits", they will not fix our streetlights. We are down to <1 streetlight, which is sad for Halloween since parents don't bother to bring their kids down. It has also caused a crime problem in some other parts of the neighborhood.
I moved from Mississippi to St. Tammany Parish Louisiana just for education purposes alone. When we moved here I did not realize the opportunities and excitement the Parish had. I am more than happy I made the choice to move. My children enjoy the school they attend and all the activities that we participate in!
St.Tammany parish is a safe and friendly parish in the state of Louisiana. There are plenty of activities and stores to fit anybodies needs.
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We had a few home and car invasions
The neighborhood is nice. We just have no buses to travel if you dont have a car and there are a lot of children living there
The area that I live in have everything a family can ask for in a neighbor.
Very little crime in the area compared to other areas like New Orleans.
I've lived here for so long, I can't imagine having lived anywhere else. I love where I am, to be honest.
pretty safe in my neighborhood
It is a fairly safe area to live in, with some minor crime.
It is a Great area for families. Great public schools.
In my particular area of Slidell, crime is not a concern. But like most towns, Slidell has some neighborhoods that are good and some that are not-so-good.
Close enough to New Orleans that you can drive into town for fun, which is good because there isn't much actually going on in Slidell. Slidell is generally a safe place, but there's been a bit of an uptick in crime post-Katrina.
We have crime very rarely.
The citizens of this location are very friendly.
police do an excellent job in this area
I love living in this area
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In terms of Saftey, Slidell is a very safe and peaceful town. The three police divisions who operate in Slidell are; LA State Police, St. Tammany Parish Sherrifs, and Slidell City Police. All three of which are very capable and alert police divisions. St. Tammany Sherrifs are some of the most professional, helpful, and responsive units I have seen. Despite them being a bit on the strict end of the spectrum; that allows them to do their job to an excellent standard at keeping citizens of Slidell safe. As for crime, the physical crime rate of Slidell is very low and safe. Although lately there has seemed to be an increase in drug use in the surrounding areas, but the police department has begun cracking down and have done a great job at eliminating the problem. Overall, I would still raise a family in the city of Slidell.
Growing up a teenager living in Slidel, Louisiana was highly enjoyable for a person like myself. It has always been a nice quiet town on the larger end of the scale in terms of population. Despite being a quiet town, it really is on an up and coming. New shopping centers, neighborhoods, and even interstates are being developed. Businesses seem to just pop up overnight, and it really is helping to improve the overall appearance of Slidell. There is a slight problem with the panhandlers and drifters in the area; though they don't really bother the residents too much. I do see myself settling down in the Slidell area; I can't wait to get into school so I can do great and graduate, get into my career, and settle down in this great town of Slidell.
There is very little crime in this area and We feel very safe in our neighborhood.
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