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St. John’s county is very suburban. The communities here are commercialized but are very friendly and interactive with the residents. The public schools are also in good condition in terms of education and the overall environment.
A wonderful place to grow up. Close to the beach. Only negative is as a young adult this place is boring. If you have children or plan on having a family this place is perfect. But, if you are young and trying to have fun this place is 100% not for you. Also, there is little to no diversity which can be extremely uncomfortable but everyone is very nice.
St. Johns County is like any other suburbia in the country. There are schools everywhere with very high ratings. I see many children walking or riding bikes to school because of the close proximity to each of the schools. Traffic can get rough around rush hour, but you can usually get through it pretty quickly. People aren't super friendly.
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It's amazing that people complain there is nothing to do in SJC. People from Jacksonville and the surrounding counties flock to ST Augustine. Great Concerts, food, shopping, museums, landmarks, restaurants and yes, they are very diverse in the best of ways!! It is also amazing that people complain about having to drive 10 to 30 minutes to get to restaurants and such. Wow! Maybe they should move downtown. It is true that too much development is going on. Growth is growing in leaps and bounds and they are profiting from building lots of high end housing. Like Don Henly said: "Call somewhere paradise and kiss it good-bye!"
I like that there are many extracurricular activities for young people to partake in, but I would like to see more diversity within the county. I would also like to see more nature being preserved.
The schools are amazing. The north side of St. John's county is the richer area and it has a Towncenter-esque area. The county is more family-oriented so there is no nightlife. The houses on the north end are on the expensive side.
the school system here is great! all the teachers and administrators are all very well. i would recommend this county to anyone. I have found lots of opportunities here and lots of job opportunity's. everyone is very friendly
Very nice area to live in with great schooling. Not too many commercial businesses but has a lot of neighborhoods.
Saint Johns County has a fantastic school district as well as great members of the community. Whenever I leave my house I am not worried about bumping into someone who is rude, everyone is very nice and caring in the community. If I need help with something I know I can ask questions and will receive answers.
Great county to live in with great schools! The neighborhoods are growing at a steady rate with new people moving in all the time!
There is way too much housing going in and not enough to do locally without spending a pretty penny. The food could also be improved upon with just some more culture. There is about a million barbecue places here in Saint Johns County but good luck to you finding good European, Asian, or other cultural foods.
I've been living in St. Johns County for about five years now, and I have moved a lot before settling here. This county has been my favorite place to love so far. I love it here! I t has great schools, very safe area, and lots of diversity!
St.Johns County is a very safe and wonderful place to raise a family. I have lived here all my life and it has provided me with a very privileged upbringing.
I've enjoyed my experence in SJC. I am a Junor in a local High school, but I feel that grades are handed to students. In this district, we can re take a test for up to 80%. As a student that is in the top 25%, I feel like this is unfair because I work for my grade and students can just take a re test to get a simmilar grade.
I've lived here for five years and it always been a great, safe area. It lacks a few fun activities but there's a decent amount of restaurants and grocery stores. A good amount of nature versus town life.
St. Johns County is very spread out, and thus it takes a long time to get from one place to another. There are also few things to do in the area, so residents often drive into Duval County (Jacksonville) for concerts, events, and entertainment.
Saint Johns County is a beautiful area! There are many trees as well as a great view of the river. Traffic is also usually light.
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St. John's County is an amazing place to live. The schools are great, the neighborhoods are welcoming, and the ambiance consisting of trees and flowers is exquisite.
A great small town place still with nice people. Things are still about a 10 minute drive to get to a store, but that means its not that crowded yet.
Very nice safe area to live with great people to meet. I’ve lived in St. John’s county for a my whole middle school and high school. I liked my experience here. Only thing that I wish I could change is the distances from places everything is a 15 to 30 minutes away.
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