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A very welcoming and open comunity but a big drug problem in streets and schools. it has beautiful views and the schools are high tech and great places to learn. Downtown shopping is a highlight even for locals
I love the downtown historic area of Snohomish and the cute country aesthetic of Snohomish. It is filled with family farms that have great fall activities. Nature in Snohomish is very beautiful; there’s the snohomish river and a gorgeous view of the surrounding mountains. The schools are great as well. I would rate 5 stars if it had more activities to do in the cold/rainy season.
nice and quite,more country nice helpful people always have your back.can ask for a favor.good community
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Snohomish County is an extremely safe and friendly area for the most part. I have never felt unsafe walking in public during daylight and I love the small community specifically within the town of Snohomish. There are towns like Everett though that brings the rating down because of the increasing homelessness and drug use.
I love living here. There is a lot to offer in Snohomish County. The people are friendly and overall safe place to raise children.
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The community here is pretty great. Love having a connection with the people around me, and the pride we have in this city.
Surrounded by nature, Mountains, and Puget Sound., but convinietly able to access to cities. It is a beautiful place to live for family and retirees.
I moved to snohomish county from Kitsap county in 2017. I get a small town feel from snohomish county. I feel safe living here.
Snohomish is a quaint town with lots of rustic elements. Although Snohomish may be lacking in nightlife, it makes up for it with its small-town charm and historic character.
I love snohomish county because it is clean and the roads are better then king county. It also has many oppourtinities such as an extinsive 4H program and many other options.
It is a very quiet town. The people there are friendly, laid back, adventurous, and passionate. There are enough people to create a town where anything is possible but not so many that there is traffic or other congestion. The athletics and high schools are fantastic.

The people do tend to keep to themselves. It is rare that somebody will call out in welcom eon the street.
It is a nice town, but it lacks a good activity. It has the river/park, but you have to drive to other cities to watch movies, skate, or bowl. It would be nice to have a roller skating rink or bowling alley.
I have lived in Snohomish county my whole life and I appreciate the small town feeling. I love the little antique shops in Snohomish and the farm life in Arlington. It is also very central, about half way between Seattle and Canada.
My experience in Snohomish County has been pleasant overall. Having lived in this county for most of my life, I have had the joy of being involved in many aspects of the community. The most attractive elements of the area include many scenic areas with opportunities for hiking, biking, and simply enjoying nature, many historic areas with dedicated supporters, and a quite serviceable school system. It is a very family-friendly area in most places. However, there are a few downsides. Traffic can be quite slow and many areas of the county are not well maintained. The county does a fairly good job in responding to suggestions and many problems are addressed in efficient time. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly say that I enjoy living in this county and believe it deserves a “Very Good” rating.
Very quiet area. Lots of nice people with lots of trees and parks around the area. Pretty close to water to go and hang out with the family.
Such an amazing small community, always something going on from farmers markets to the Kla Ha Ya Days festive. Really amazing place to live and grow up.
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Moving into the small town of Snohomish seemed boring at first. Surrounded by antique shops and farms made me miss the big city. However, I grew to love the small town for all its little quirks. Haunted corn mazes are only 5 minutes away, and there are so many places to pick your own vegetables! Although Snohomish could improve by providing shoulders on their more dangerous roads, I would change a thing about the farms or old-fashioned style of downtown Snohomish.
I have to say that Snohomish county is beautiful. When you first arrive it can feel like you are getting lost in a sea of green but the entire environment is relaxing and charming. The town of Snohomish itself has the quaint small town feel with friendly people and great restaurants. I highly suggest a visit.
I love living in Snohomish county, we have cities, we have country areas! Theres everett, which is a little like Seattle, you can drive a few minutes over the trestle, go up a few hills and bam! Your in Machias one of the best places to own a home on acreage. Love this place!
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