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Santa Clara County is a great county to settle in. Being in California, it is for sure an expensive area. However, it has many benefits. The county is full of a diverse group of people. There are great schools in the area and other programs for children. Also, there are many many safe neighborhoods.
I like to live in Santa Clara county because It is safe and convenient transportation, nice weather, and a good environment. Also, I have a lot of supported helpful relative family members who can contact me immediately for support together
It is great here! There is the Levis Stadium as well as Great America close by! There is also a large number of restaurants coming up close by, and there is plenty of places available!
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Santa Clara County is an amazing place to be in. Despite its pricey background, what the place has to offer is worth it. Santa Clara lies in the heart of Silicon Valley, which is best known for the home of high-tech headquarters such as Apple and Intel. Great America is a widely-known amusement park where many like to visit.
Santa Clara County is a large, well-maintained county that contains some of the best living conditions on offer in the Bay Area. Containing a variety of landscapes and areas to explore, Santa Clara County is a place where people interested in exploring the great outdoors could reside with that big city flair. However, since the cost of living is so expensive, not a lot of people could live comfortably and enjoy living a stress-free life. Also, because of this huge cost of living, there is a big issue with the homeless throughout the area, filling streetcorners and bridges.
I have lived in this county for over 20 years on and off, and I can say with certainty that there is no place I would rather live. It was a great place to grow up, and an even better place to get an education. I would recommend anyone who is thinking about moving to this area to do it !
I like this county. However, there should be more emphasis on cleanliness. Schools are average as well. Some are competitive.
Santa Clara is a really nice place to live in. There is a ton of opportunity for jobs but the cost of living here is really expensive.
I like the diversity here and all the different cultures of food that are here. This county has a large population so there can be lots of traffic. The pricing to rent or buy houses is very high so for some, it is expensive to live in this county.
I like how theres a lot to do. Stores are nearby and we can get around quick. The community are terrible a lot gangs not family friendly. Its not affordable at all and you cant really go out at night due to how much violence there is.
Lots of parks and good bike riding paths. The only problem I have is if you live near a university you have to deal with a lot of frat parties which can get very loud and annoying.
I think Santa Clara county has a lot of diversity, and great places to go see. It is the heart county of technology, with apple campuses all around. All the schools in the area are really good, but the area is very over populated. The traffic can be an absolute nightmare, but all the tourist attractions make it worth it.
good for people looking for a safe place to retire. not the best place for young people looking for housing/etc.
The deal with this city is alot to comprehend. The big city of San Jose is filled with protesters making the downtown area more harder to handle since there is alot of homeless people walking around in the area.But it is a great city buisness wise as you can find jobs in a instant. Santa Clara would be the calm area but also carries homeless people. It is an alright area to live in with alot of houses and construction of new homes and new apartments which is bringing more people to come live in the area which is great. If you do enroll your kid into the Santa Clara School District make sure they go to Santa Clara High as its a more calmer environment then Wilcox High. The minimum wage is great for young people and has Great America which could be a good distraction get away amusement park. Overall I would still want to live in the county when I am more stable with money and have a full time job.
Overall a very great place! There are a lot of things to do and beautiful nature all around. The only downside is that the traffic is terrible and it is very expensive to live in the area.
What I love about Santa Clara County is the diversity and friendly people. We have people hailing from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, some citizens, some immigrants, some undocumented, and some from out of state! All of this diversity also means that we have some of the BEST food here in SCC. Living in the heart of Silicon Valley, I am proud to be from a place that is known for its innovation and contributions to making the world a better place through technology. One thing we could improve on is our infrastructure, there are many old roads around the county that have cracks, potholes, etc. that could potentially prove dangerous.
I’ve moved to Santa Clara County back in 2016 from Virginia. I like living in this county because I think it is peaceful and has a safe environment. I think the education system is adequate and there are more opportunities for jobs and my future especially stem major.
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Santa Clara County is an excellent place to live. The neighborhoods are very peaceful and the tech companies are ubiquitous in Santa Clara County so there is plenty of opportunity. The nearby malls are very luxurious and nicely built. The only downside I would say is that the housing prices are so high that it is very hard to afford living here.
The community and the people that make up the community are my favorite. The people are very welcoming and open to help each other. This may depend on your neighborhood though.
Stanford. Berkeley. Silicon Valley. Where else would you want to live? This is a dream spot for anyone looking for a job in tech. Although there might be a small bump with living costs, the salary here is enough to get by.
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