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Sangamon County Reviews

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Sangamon county is a great place to live! In general, there is little crime, great stories and businesses and a wonderful place to raise a family.
Raymond Poe is the best Rep we have had in years. He Represents the people.
We live in the county so we are really out in the country. Maybe every now and then something might get stolen out of someones yard but not likely.
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We seem to have extreems. It can be freezing one day and warm and breezy the next.
This is a historical town with Abe Lincoln and all the tourist stuff. We have many chain restaurants. There are some local favorites like Abes Hideout, Bella Mallanos, Suppottos, The Chili Den. Go local, its more fun. I forgot Charlie Parkers and we are on the RT 66 highway.
This is the capital of IL so a lot of people work for the Government here. We do have Bunn here, the place that makes the coffee makers, but no real industry here.
We have a pizza place that is locally owned and we all go there after games and eat. Its nice to spend money with people you know. Their kids are active in the community and they give a lot to charities.
There is a good variety of stores in this area. There are a few places you will not see but overall they have everything I need on a regular basis.
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