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San Luis Obispo County Reviews

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San Luis Obispo county has a small town feel, but is close to beaches and cities. It as a clean, beautiful town with great restaurant options and hikes.
Beautiful place. Near the ocean. Wonderful weather. Locals leave something to be desired as far as kindness and empathy.
San Luis Obispo is a very cute small town. There are a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities like going to the beach and going hiking. Oprah actually coined this town the happiest and healthiest cities one year. I have gone to college here for the past four years and I absolutely love it, but there are some things about this town that I would really like to change. First of all, there is such a high homeless population and it makes me really sad. I don't know if SLO county doesn't have enough services to help them or if the homeless people don't know about these services. Another thing I would like to change about San Luis Obispo is the racism. Being a minority living in a predominantly white town, I have had my fair share of people treating me like I am lesser.
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San Luis Obispo is one of happiest places on earth. It is a very small town which everyone knows each other. It has a friendly, nice, and beautiful environment. One thing I love about SlO is that it is quite and a safe place for my family and I. I've been living in here for more than 5 years and I love how it is easy to get from one to place to another place real quick. There is no traffic at all which I like a lot. Also, the beach is 20 minutes away so you can go whenever you want with your family. By the way the beach is beautiful and has the pretties sunsets. There are a lot of mountains or hills you can go hiking around SLO. It has a great downtown with lots of shopping stores and amazing ice cream places you can go with your family. It also has a cool gum alley which people put there chewed gum on the wall and it lasts. One thing I would change about slo are put less bars and have more things for children. There really isn't that much fun that teens could do around here.
Living in SLO County is like living in paradise! The people are friendly. The weather is perfect and the wine is AMAZING!!!!
It's a great family friendly county. Small cities, high living costs, San Luis Obispo is the hub of the county which includes several beachside cities.
The county is safe, family friendly, and the culture is very health conscious and environmentally friendly. The only downside is the cost of living. Housing is EXTREMELY expensive.
The town is definitely growing. For the good and the businesses and opportunities are opening in the town and is becoming reminisent of Santa Barbara. The cost of living is ridiculous but you make up for it with nice weather and a relatively safe community.
I love this area! Always something fun to do whether it is hiking up Bishops Peak or even chowing down on the famous Pink Champagne cake at Madonna Inn- you cannot go wrong with SLO!
Expensive to live in the area. Growing food community, meaning more diverse food options. A lot of vegan or juice shops and shopping is also very good here to. With metered parking that can get stressful finding decent parking.
True resident been in the area my whole life. Crime has gotten so bad, homeless and druggies roam the back streets and creek. Girls get raped often unfortunately in this college town filled with bars. The rent is not nearly as cheap as this says. San luis is one of the most expensive areas in all of the central coast of california. Beautiful views and weather all year long averaging between 50-90 degrees with a few cold day and a few hot days here or there. NO drive thru's anywhere in this little city. Weekly farmers market bring in the local farmers, artists, and musician. Just a 15-20 min drive to the beach except during peak hours then it can take up to 2 hours which happens twice a day. Lots of shopping, stores, preppy families, not a lot of diversity with the families here. They're mostly middle upper class. No street parking near the downtown area unless you pay. Plenty of parking structures to take your money and nothing but one way streets. Horrible health care.
inclusivity needs to improve. The lack of understanding is heart-wrenching. beautiful scenery with out of date ideals
San Luis Obispo is a city that is up-and-coming on a national level. Tucked away in rolling hills and just a short drive away from the California Coast, this city offers something for everyone. The surrounding cities are gems as well. Weekly farmers markets, wineries up and down the valley, hiking and outdoor activities, and the views are unbeatable.
SLO is a very special place. There is so much diversity in activities in San Luis Obispo. From the mountains, to the beaches, there is something for everyone. The weather is great year-round and the farmers markets are exceptional. The people are friendly and health-oriented and the local coffee scene is outstanding.
This is a grat oceanside community with two accredited colleges and lots of fun shopping, farmers markets, and you are right in the middle of wine country!
It is a small town that has a good sense of community it is clean and safe to live in.The small population comes together in local events at the Mission Plaza and/or at the Farmers Market. The public high school has many resources to help the students be successful. San Luis Obispo also has a bilingual school, Pacheco Elementary, that teaches students grades kindergarten through sixth grade in two languages.
The city of San Luis Obispo has beautiful weather, safe neighborhoods, and an extremely friendly community.
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I have lived in San Luis for almost 8 years now. I am a transplant from Oregon that moved here when I was 19 and have seen the city grow in many ways. San Luis is such a unique town and has upheld its "happiest city in America" title for so long now... It truly is such a small town community where everyone knows each other. Adding dynamics of a large University into the mix proofs not only interesting but also adding excitement to thing like night life but also the ever changing community with new and old students alike. I think things "SLO" can work on would be its lack of affordable housing for most (students and non students) as well as branching out away from the downtown area for business. Overall it is truly an amazing place to live and grow at any age!
Love this county, beautiful place to live. Lots to do. Amazing scenery and delicious food. Kind people who smile and wave. Never boring or dull. A bit expensive but worth it.
This is a beautiful county full of great people and amazing places to visit. You have many options to do, like visit the Mission in San LUis Obispo, or the beaches like Avila or Pismo. Not just that, In the city of San Luis Obispo is located one of the best universities in the State, Cal Poly, in addition to this, Cuesta College is another great option located in the County.
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