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its everything in one. you will find anything you are looking for. in the same day you will see the ocean, city, mountains, desert, rains, wind, clear sky and more. you will feel hot, cold and cool in the same day. beautiful multi-cultures.
I’ve been living in San Diego since I was 6. I used to not like it here since I wished it rained more and I didn’t care for the beach, but now that I’m an adult I can see all of the wonder of this beautiful town. There’s so much diversity and things to do in San Diego, the worst part is probably the homelessness that you see in bigger cities and the fires.
I love the weather here. I just wish I could change how horrible the traffic is. Also the public transportation is really bad here.
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I love San Diego. There's great beaches, great food, the weather is amazing and overall I never want to move away.
Put on a mask practice social distanceing please? We do want to live no every body understands how truly serious this horrifying disease is. And deli very service shouldn't be so expensive especially when the food is so expensive, give us a break lower taxes.
San Diego County has so many things to do and they are all only about 1 hour or so from each other. Hiking, beaches, mountains, desert, parks, malls, lakes, tons of fast food and restaurants to choose from, no mater where you go in the county. I enjoy taking a break from everything and everyone by taking a hike, face mask included.

The only bad thing I can think of is the power company. SDGE, turns of the power when their are winds over 50mph, sometimes for for several days at a time. Your food goes bad in the refrigerator and soon after in the freezer. If you have all electric heat, it can get really cold in the winter months if SDGE turns off the power. It also makes it really hard to go to your online classes, do class work, or do homework.
San Diego is a very diverse city. We have beaches, mountains, desert, rivers, snow, city, country, and even another country less than 30 minutes away.
I love San Diego County very much, My allergies went away and there's so much to do in the county of San Diego. Lots of places to try new things at such as the Beach, Food, shopping, scenary, etc. I would say San Diego is the place to stay at if you want to settle down and have children. A place where people around you are very kind and supportive as well.
I love it here, the beach is incredible and there is always something to do. The weather is amazing most of the year so it is always nice to be outdoors. The only thing I would changed about San Diego is how expensive it is to live here.
A brunch with pictures in San Juan Caspatrono. A hearty nice food menu. Early morning a nice atmosphere.
At a breakfast sitdown with close ties, in the community of San Juan Capistrano restaurant in the area of San Diego California. As a adult We all we're photography together having a meal ordered. It was a winery with food, picture's, winery.
The city is fairly safe. I wish people would follow safety rules. Commute is alright. There is bus and trolley systems.
San Diego County is a great place to be in! It has many activities and fun to do and a lot of restaurants to eat. I think it can even become a better place if we take care of our environment.
San Diego is very beautiful, the scenery is nice the weather is the best. And the food is amazing, there are so many things you can do, they have the San Diego zoo, sea world, different parks, plenty of shopping in the area. I would recommend San Diego to people who want to visit and explore this part of California.
I like that there are a lot of things to do here and for the most part it is pretty nice but it could be improved by keeping the environment cleaner.
San Diego County had recently gone back to purple tier due to the pandemic. However, every place has their strict rules, and everyone is always being respectful and wearing a mask to protect others.
Great beaches, lots of fun family friendly places/sights to visit. Weather is very dependable. And living and working in San Diego, has great job pay and lots of opportunities for affordable housing. Good schools, great restaurants
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San Diego offers many opportunities for growth on every aspect of development. From young to old, natives to transplants and all cultures., San Diego offers a way of life that entice us to stay!
The weather is amazing and having hiking spots with beaches is awesome. The night life is great. I don’t like how expensive it is
San Diego is a very beautiful place. It is, however, very expensive for living. San Diego is crowded, so traffic is bad. Great job opportunities and great in diversity. Some part, just like most, have their good areas and bad areas.
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