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Sacramento is a Great city. We are the capital of California and we are also known as the city of trees. It is very lively here and also has a wide range of diversity. The night life here is awesome for people that like to stay up late or enjoy night activities in the downtown area with many bars and clubs. If not we also have a new arena for our basketball team and an Old Sac in the same area. Another thing that Sacramento is right in the middle area of other neighboring cities. We live very close to the bay like San Francisco and other cities. One thing that is funky is the weather. Yes, in Sacramento we usually have regular weather but there are times where we have bipolar weather. So on some days we may have some hail or rain but on the same day have the sun out. Overall Sacramento is a great place for anyone to live.
It is a nice and relatively peaceful place. I like it very much. Weather is always good, no extremes. Public infrastructure could use a lot of work.
Sacramento is a good place to be for activities with friends and family, the night scene, and finding many businesses. But it expensive, not as safe as I would it to be, and hard to get services with so many people here.
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We have a very diverse population and friendly people and nice parks. Lots of different kinds of places to eat out at and we still have 2 malls nearby and some indoor theaters. There is also Scandia where you can miniature golf and play arcade games.
There are many good aspect such as great education along with a safe environment but i feel as if it lacks social opportunities. I believe there should be more options to hang out and enjoy spending time with friends.
It is growing quickly and urbanizing. However, the traffic is getting worse because of that. The weather is nice.
Sacramento County is a diverse county with some great localized schools such as CSU-Sacramento and UC Davis. With the growing economy and inflow of individuals coming from the bay area, Sacramento has become a destination location to live. There are endless healthcare and government jobs so it provides stability to job-seekers.
The diversity, the wild life natured around Sacramento country.They have some lovely museums and a hold lotta places to go fishing an a lot more camping ground to to be discover.I Sacramento everybody likes playing outside, so that means there a lot of places were people go out In a tin community events with the rest of their neighborhood
Sacramento is a place were you raise families and settle down. Its a good type of city that has alot to offer its residents. And it's still growing and developinh new homes and businesses.
It's ok, not the greatest. I would prefer living somewhere a bit more clean and family friendly with not a lot of shoot outs and robberies. That is just my personal opinion. I have lived here my whole life, nice houses, but super expensive to live here.
Sacramento is a big city and people who like an up beat and fast pace life style would best fit in here. I believe more efficient roads to dim down traffic would make Sacramento a better city.
I've lived in Sac country all my life, and because of this I don't have much to compare it to. However I would like to see the city and surrounding area more clean.
I have lived in Sacramento County my whole life. I love the diversity, however I would like to make it safer.
I have lived in Sacramento for most of my life. I have attended Jefferson Elementary School and Natomas High School. It's such a good central location to other places you could take a day trip to, like San Francisco in the west and Lake Tahoe in the east. I live in Natomas and it's sandwiched between the Sacramento International airport and Downtown Sacramento. Sacramento has some great hospitals, including UC Davis Medical Center.
I grew up in Sacramento County so my opinion will obviously be bias but I see Sacramento as a great place. It's very family friendly and there is all ways something to do.
I have been living since 4 years in Sacramento. It had been great experience for me living in the county. The most I like is that there are a lot of trees in the county and safe to live. The thing I most like to change is that it should more clean in the county and have more living places as there are many homeless people living near by my house.
From the years living here, I have many experiences that shaped me to who I am. I am glad of the people I met here in Sacramento. The school I attend and environment around me had impacted to see in a wide scale because of seeing and being in a low income household. I am glad that I get to understand a part if the city I can relate to. The things I want to change in my county are better public education system and more security against crimes.
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Overall, Sacramento County is a good place to be. It has good schools all around, a decent amount of job opportunities, and safe neighborhoods.
Lots of things close by. Too expensive, Sacramento needs more affordable housing, food and things to do. The gas prices are also very high. Minimum wage does not help. You must have two or three jobs or income types to survive. That does not count for if you want to live nice. More high paying jobs are neede as well in a city that is constantly growing.
Sacramento has very nice weather, but the minimum wage here is strictly too low. As the capital of California, most would assume that there would be fair or reasonable minimum wage. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are many individuals here that are homeless, seeking shelter, and asking for money on the highways and streets. With the open space available here in Sacramento, the city should provide more support for these individuals by building shelters and low income housing.
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