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Rockdale county is nice area to live in and have unique style homes as well. I been living and Rockdale for the past 12 years and has been great experience. Their not to much violent crimes nearly everyone is understandable nice and helpful. If I had kids I would raise them here because it a nice place to live in reasonable.
It’s a small county in terms of size but large in population. The growth of Rockdale happened extremely fast. Sometimes I think there is too many people living there. There is a lot of shows that get filmed there and can be popular amongst tourists who watch the shows. There is a cute town area that has several parades and festivals throughout the year as well
Great area to buy a home. I'd money want a issue, Rockdale would be a nice area to bring bussiness to.
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Rockdale County is located about 3o miles away from the city of Atlanta. The commute can be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the amount of traffic. In regards to property value, you can purchase larger homes for the same price as the listed cottage homes located within the city. You are just far enough away from Atlanta, so you do not have to deal with large crowds and closed streets during major entertainment events. At the same time, you can easily plan to attend events without needing to reserve a hotel in town.
Excellent choice of living! My parents have been in Rockdale for about 15 years now and they love it ! Close to Atlanta as well as the county having its own amenities as well!
I have lived in Rockdale County for 7 months now. I absolutely love it here. It’s very safe and quiet. You can raise a family here with no problem. The school system is great and has a lot of resources for the kids to be successful. There are various restaurants and other businesses on HW20 and HW138. You will encounter some traffic during rush hour like many cities. Most of the roads are paved and well maintained unlike unlike Atlanta. The county is well kept with very little trash on the roadway.
Rockdale County is family oriented and a beautiful place to live. The most important part of Rockdale is the lovey homes and community that works together.
I live in northeast rockdale which I like because it is more country than it is city. The actual city of Conyers is kind of rundown and dirty looking.
Love this community! My family has lived here for almonds almost 20 years. Convenient, safe as any place and excellent walking/jogging trails. Only downside is lack of quality restaurants. Otherwise, great place to live!
There are a lot of businesses that are close to each other so you don't need to go far to get what you need.
I love that you pretty much have everything you need in Conyers. There are plenty of grocery stores along with lots of retail shopping stores for everyone in the family. The Police Dept of Conyers is excellent. They do a great job of responding to calls.
I absolutely LOVE Rockdale County. It is a very relaxed, family oriented place and the perfect place to go if you were trying to raise a family or even for retirement. I was born and raised there and my family has been here for generations (60+ years). I love the schools in the district to because they actually take interest in their students and have there best interest at heart. Rockdale County is the place that I will forever love and call home.
Rockdale County is very friendly and diverse. I would love for some of the places and attractions to be remodel.
So far, I have been living at Rockdale county for as long as I can remember and I feel safe and comforted with good citizens.
medium sized town, not too big like the city of atlanta but not to small like those small towns down south, its in the middle of both and has a peaceful balance between school areas living areas and Entertainment areas. Its a pretty nice place to live.
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