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Lots of diversity and differences from one city to the next. You're still close to the beach and you can also make a trip to the mountains in the same week.
Lots of different food places and gas stations nearby. You only see trucks around here due to all of the factories. The roads need to be replaced because of the trucks.
Riverside County is very different from where I was raised. Although it is different I still enjoy the nature with in Riverside. There very scenic views all around this county.
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I really enjoy living here. i have lived here for several years. i like going to school here. i like going out to eat. i like to go to church. i like walking my dog around the neighborhood. we moved out to this county when i was about nine years old. there seems to be a lot of employment options. i do not have a job though. all i do is go to school. i ride public transportation. im going to school to become a mechanic.
Good county, but not very safe especially in downtown riverside. CBU is the best part of this county and I have seen significant growth in Riverside just in my four years attending the school.
Riverside county covers a lot of cities and has a lot to see but not too much to do. I feel Downtown Riverside is a good place to see the historic mission inn which sadly has been limiting how much you can view and explore. Another thing Riverside county has to offer is a lot of hiking trails that serve for people that really enjoy being in the great outdoors. The best places to visit are mom and pop restaurants they have low key great food that only locals know about. Really all you have to do is ask a local what is a great restaurant that is good to eat in Riverside and it could look not to fancy but, the food is good. If there is one thing I could change it would be the amount of people that sometimes roam in downtown Riverside and other surrounding cities that have homeless people. We could use some centers that help rehabilitate people to getting jobs and helping them contribute more to our society. If you are looking for night life it is very limited to what one considers fun.
Rivererside is a decent area to live, though it does have its faults. While some factors such as the heat are inevitable, other things such as traffic, homelessness, and high prices can make it difficult. However, considering it is more affordable than other areas, it is bearable, and the area is surrounded by many easily accessible places to go, and, within the area, there are places to hike. It works well as a place to stay temporarily.
Riverside is a beautiful city, I enjoyed it as a visitor, felt safe in it, enjoyed my time and found all my needs starting the essential needs for accommodation till the funny and luxurious features to enjoy my time and my stay there without needing to go out many times, which lower the transportation expenses for me
I grew up in this county and I enjoy living here. But things can be better. We’ve recently started getting many warehouses built here and although it brings about many jobs, it also brings pollution to the city.
What I like about this city is that is very diversified and very accepting. There are many things to do here specially during the holiday season starting with the festival of lights
Riverside County is filled with friendly down to earth people. We work hard and play hard. It is a great place to raise a family although I would like to see more funding allocated to schools. In a short time you can be in the beautiful mountains of Idyllwild or enjoy beautiful desert nights Palm Springs. I recommend Riverside County!
It’s a family oriented community. It is a calm environment it’s a mixture of city and rural life an awesome balance.
One thing I like about Riverside County is its diversity. It is also a very active county in which there is always something to do for people of all ages.
I feel that they should get rid of the homeless people that is trashing outside of the land and outside of the property. I feel someone should put a stop to this and get rid of the homeless people.
I really like how diverse Riverside is. With the diversity there are many different places to eat besides the typical fast food places.
Riverside is the middle area that basically allows you to get to different types of weather within a few hours of driving. From snow to the beach and from the forest to the dessert
Riverside is the place I grew up in and I wouldn't change this place for anything. I made most of my memories here throughout the years.
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It is a great county to live in ,very small but has been growing and becoming more affordable for others and offers a lot of employment in certain areas. The county can only change for the better and I hope to see more improvement.
Based on my own personal experience, the lifestyle of Riverside Country could be summed up to be overall "ok".
Downtown is very beautiful especially during the holiday season, and there is many things to do for all ages. There are small amusement parks and fairs that residents can attend, there is a mall, Riverside has many bowling alleys, and we are in the center of everything. We are about an hour away from the beach, and the snow. Over all it is not so bad.
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