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I love my county. There are very nice people here and I couldn't ask for anything better. It also a town located near a lot of fun locations.
It is so close to LA, Disneyland, Knotts Barry Farm, Beaches and even has its own Gems like Downtown Riverside, Castle Park, etc. There is a lot to do and if you get bored there are lots of other places near by to go. The buses are nice and updated with WIFI, there are birds available now though not sure how well they work.
I love living in Riverside County because of it diversity. Not only in its physical surrounding, (e.g. the mountains and the ocean only an hour away in each direction), but also with the people. You meet so many different kinds of people in each part of the county you go to. I also love Riversides emphasis on the arts. Its amazing to see the impact it has had in Downtown Riverside itself with the community growing of artists. I would love to see that kind of rejuvenation of the arts spread to every city within Riverside County, not just Riverside itself. I think it would really bring all the residents together in a way that is difficult to do, given that the county is so vast, and heavily populated.
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I have previously lived in San Diego for the past three years. I currently live in Riverside. It's hot and there is not much to do.
The community surrounding isn’t unbearable at all. Nobody starts violence for no apparent reasons. There’s hardly any crimes. Everybody pretty much goes with the flow and does not bother other people. I’ve lived here for the past 14 years and I have not had any big issues concerning other residents. Everybody minds their own business and goes about their day
There a lot of fun places to go like downtown and also a lot of good places to eat. This area is always hot and sunny but can also be cold sometimes.
Riverside County is great. Clean, up to date facilities and family friendly. School for youth are clean and rated high in the educational system.
I have lived there all my life until recently and I have always loved and appreciated my home. I have never complained about my home and its because it has everything that I need when it comes entertainment, things I need, and etc. It is a great place to live and I highly recommend it.
Riverside is a calm city, overall filled with activities across town. Medium size city for people who are looking for smaller cities rather than crowded and bigger cities.
Overall I love Riverside County. This is my hometown and I’m pleased to see the changes being made in the city. I would like to see more affordable housing and as well as a few more attractions to go to.
Great area, good schools, and plenty of fun things to do around, such as ice skating rinks, malls, theaters, parks, and restaurants.
I like were i'm at because there's more than one way to leave. It is quiet. I receive a village paper for events, restaurants, coupons. They have free food for kids in parks for the summer. fast travel to work.
I like all the attraction that is located within just Riverside itself. There are many dining places that are cool enough to just chill in. The city does a lot of activities for community involvement which makes it great for parents and families.
Riverside is a growing and changing area with much to offer. I grew up here and love it, it is my comfort many places there are safe and less than comfortable areas in the large county that is riverside. Downtown is beautiful every Christmas we have our Festival of Lights. The mission inn provides a great stop for tourists. We've even started movies under the stars in downtown.
I enjoy this city and everything it has to offer. There are many places to go out to eat and to hang out with your friends.
It's a dusty hot place most of the year. However, it has its charms. The people are more laid back and it's a slower pace of life (especially when it is so hot). When it rains you truly appreciate it. When it rains a lot, it becomes quite a beautiful place. The hills turn green and lush as well as the valleys between them. That is why spring is normally my favorite time of the year here.
I would like to see apartments for the working student more affordable and accessible. I myself am a full-time student and go to university, and there is nothing affordable for a student like myself that is is trying to better my future in Riverside as of now.
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It has a great downtown area that is very culturally diverse and has many great restaurants and cafes that people can visit. while the downtown are is nice it is also a nice county to live in and the county is well kept.
Riverside has just about every demographic, which makes it easy to grow up without prejudice. Unfortunately, there are certain parts of the city who haven't grasped that concept and the city does nothing to rid itself of certain groups.
My experience with Riverside county has been the immense amount of care people show to the needy, the poor and the homeless. Although many are busy in their everyday life routine they still find a way and time to cook, spend time with them, bringing clothes, shoes etc. The impact made in the hearts and lives, bringing hope to the people and children- is amazing.
If I had more to give, I would build an apartment complex, or miniature studios for them to be able to be responsible for themselves and get back on their feet. Sometimes we just need a little push.
I have taken their example and volunteer at 2 different locations. I do what I can, the reward is thier smiles, the strength to keep living one day at a time.
God does the rest.
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