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My experience with Riverside county has been the immense amount of care people show to the needy, the poor and the homeless. Although many are busy in their everyday life routine they still find a way and time to cook, spend time with them, bringing clothes, shoes etc. The impact made in the hearts and lives, bringing hope to the people and children- is amazing.
If I had more to give, I would build an apartment complex, or miniature studios for them to be able to be responsible for themselves and get back on their feet. Sometimes we just need a little push.
I have taken their example and volunteer at 2 different locations. I do what I can, the reward is thier smiles, the strength to keep living one day at a time.
God does the rest.
I love that riverside has a lot of opportunities for the youth although I think UCR could be remodeled because upon visiting it seemed very old school and the bathrooms were very aged. This would improve by adding sensored hand washing sinks, toilets, and paper towel despensors, and also by adding new flooring and lighting in the bathrooms.
I have lived in Riverside for the past ten years and I have grown to love this city. I have seen the diversity of this city and am proud to be from this city.
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Beautiful landscape and supportive community! I would love to see more support for family owned stores.
Riverside County is a nice county to live in. It has variety of food options, the school system is excellent, there are plenty of entertainment, and the living expense is affordable.
Riverside has many opportunities to sight see and to experience new things. It's night life is subtle, but many things in this area is affordable.
My only complaint is that Riverside County needs to have the highways extended to relive traffic jams especially the Interstate Highway 215.
My father moved to riverside county back in 1979. Worked for the county road department and retired. My brother's and I graduated high from this county. I became a Phlebotomist and now I want to go for a nursing degree:) Don't have enough to pay for school so I need all the help you can give me
Currently live in Riverside County in the city of Perris. Living in this community has its ups and downs. Everything is a driving distance about 20 to 30 minutes away. There is also a great deal of crime and untrustworthy individuals. Most places are family friendly but there are some not so safe areas. On a more positive note, there is sky diving and a lot of ranch life here.
I liked that in my location I am in an hour away radius from the beach, mountains Los Angeles, Orange County and other major cities and places of interests. I wish that we had an amphitheater or larger venue where main stream artist or festivals can be held so that I don’t always have to travel to the Los Angeles or desert area for entertainment. I also wish there was more affordable housing options in the area where I reside. I believe that the housing market prices for this area is extremely high and it would be very difficult for a single person on one income to afford to reside here.
All in all, most generations can find something to enjoy about this community. While it isn't perfect and plenty can be improved, it will be on the right track for years to come.
This area is very safe and busy. There is nothing to do and there are homeless people trying to get donations on some street corners
Riverside is my hometown and is so beautiful will several amazing Hiking spots, Great places to eat, and lots of welcoming Churches helping out the community.
I grew up here my whole life. Riverside has a lot of events throughout the years. For example, health fairs, they offer different types of screening and etc.. Riverside also has many quantity of stores to go shopping and they have a good amount of food markets as well. There are plenty of parks that are beneficial to people in the community. Majority of people here are kind and helpful. The safety in Riverside is well. The commuting around is not a problem at all.
Riverside is a very family friendly county. Lots of year round activities, and a very uplifting community.
Riverside County is home to more than 20 million people, and those who live outside of city boundaries typically enjoy less regulatory restrictions and larger home lots, opportunity to have large animals such as horses, and less housing density. With all that and more, there are also some typical city services that the county does not provide such as regular street sweeping, street lights, and sidewalks, among others. For those who view these as benefits, living in an unincorporated area of Riverside County could be just the place to be.
Riverside County is vast, stretching from the OC border and Santa Ana Mountains to the Arizona border along the Colorado River. This county has so much to offer, from mountain hikes and water recreation, to Coachella in Indio and the Festival of Lights in Riverside, to wineries in Temecula, to gambling at various Native American reservation casinos. One aspect of life in this county that definitely needs improvement is transportation, as local freeways are becoming increasingly crowded and public transportation is inadequate.
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what I enjoy the most about riverside county is that everyone whom I have encountered are friendly and genuinly take interests in others despite what the situation may be .
Riverside County is near the mountain side and desert areas. It has many places to go and see. The weather, though, can be unpredictable; changing from hot to cold in an instant.
its average nothing special, it is in the middle of everything which is fairly nice. I like that it has a city feeling to it. its pretty big and has nice areas and some rough areas. overall i like this area to live in, i've met a lot of good people here and plan on staying here for awhile
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