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The people I have met so far are amazing. Great attitudes and great personality. The police are very friendly and helpful. I do not have a bad thing to say about this community. It is also a great place for kids. They have an amazing school system.
I lived in rankin county since I was 4. It has been great. Rankin is a very safe environment. Everything is convenient. The upkeep of the county is amazing. The crime rate is also low.
This is a great county to live in. I'm not sure I'd change anything. It's very family friendly, laid back, and for the most part a very safe and comfortable place to live.
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Houses are nice, new, and well kept.
Community is family oriented and friendly.
My town is incredibly safe! Crime is dealt with very hastily!
Where I'm from is just okay. It's not the most fabulous place in the world, there's not that much to do, and it's not much to take pride in. At the same time, it's not a slum, it's not in the middle of now where, and there's no crime. All in all, if you need a safe haven from the craziness in the world then my town is excellent. However, if ya want excitement/ if you wanna live in the inner city, I would not reccomend my town at all.
It's the same as in most places, you get little pop up here and there, but it's pretty safe.
The only thing that is bad about Mississippi is the weather, it's like walking into a thick blanket of warm, sticky air.
There are no crime around the area where i live.
I love the living place because the people are great because they are all loving.
This area is very safe and the police are very responsive and prevalent.
This area is really developing quickly. There is lots of growth in our area and lots of new buildings and businesses are opening.
The police in Flowood do a great job at keeping crime down and making people feel safe. Police are everywhere in Flowood, it is not very hard to find one or to get in touch with one. They are very responsive and are very understanding.
The overall experience of this area is great because of the people, the convenience, and the safety. People here are very friendly and are willing to help anyone out. Where I live, the elementary, middle, and high school are literally five minutes away. Everything is very close you do not have to go far to get to the mall, or the grocery store. The safety of the area I believe is extremely important to why it is so great. I do not live too far from the capital Jackson, where things are not quite as safe but the city of flowood stays on top of things and tries to make flowood as safe and as comfortable as possible. I believe that is why many more people are moving into the area.
There is not many places for pets to play outside of their homes. Although, there are often event for people to attend.
There has been no problems with serious crime in my particular area.
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nice house that i am comfortable in
need more jobs that are related to banking or finance. more educated business people.
The police are very responsive. The crime level is very low.
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