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Ramsey County will always be my first home. I loved growing up here, and I think it's wonderful just the way it is.
I grew up in Ramsey county and loved it. As a upper-middle class white family we felt very comfortable and well off. However, it is not very diverse. There are different areas with varying majority racial groups but very little mingling. I always felt safe growing up and I could always get myself to anywhere I might need to go either via bicycle or the amazing public transit system.
Although Ramsey County has been around for quite awhile, new houses and communities are being built year round allowing for the opportunity for new and young families to develop. The commute to the Twin Cities is a little long but there are many parks and trails to hike for fun. Ramsey County is also a great place for photography or to do photo shoots. It is the ideal place to raise a new family and flourish.
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I've lived in the different areas of Ramsey county but they've all were, what you would call the "bad side of town". In the different neighborhoods I've moved into, I've witnessed shootings and unsafe situations. But there are other parts of Ramsey that are great and polished. The schools are fairly good and Ramsey if filled with various nationalities, bringing forth a greatly diverse community.
Honestly, Ramsey is a strange place. While it may seem to others that its any other suburb of a large and vibrant city, Ramsey, Minnesota has the perfect mix of drunk people on gulf carts, teenagers who blast music from their cars, to the average American family. There is no place I rather grow up in.
Great place to live! I have lived in Ramsey county for three years and absoulty love it. The area by the University of St. Thomas and Grand Avenue is full of bars and restaurants, museums, shopping, and literally anything you can think of.
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