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Scenery is great. Nice county with everything you need. But it lacks diversity and doesn’t have everything to entertain someone.
I live in Chester, Maryland in the area known as Kent Island. We are the "gateway to the Eastern Shore" as the first area that one passes through on route from Maryland's mainland to the shore via the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. My family moved here when I was four, and it has been a fantastic place to grow up. We have a wonderful small town feel, but are close to Annapolis, Washington DC, and Baltimore. Even Philadelphia is a short 2-hour drive and New York City only 3 hours. My high school experience, community involvement, and work have all been great.
Queen Anne's County is a very scenic county that is close to the Chesapeake Bay. I've been here for quite some time and loving every minute of it. Everyone is nice here as well. For the most part, the residents here have quite a bit of money. Could be considered as a retirement county. There is also plenty of golf courses towards the bay bridge. It also features an outlets located in Queenstown.
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It is a great area. Wish properties were bigger though.
In my neighborhood, crime has never been a problem
I grew up in my house, Ive been there for 16 years and no other place could feel like home other than this place. Its very close to restaurants, the high school I attended and grocery stores. Low crime is also a plus
It is expensive to live on kent island
everyone gets together on Friday night to watch the local high school football game!!
very safe, but there has been an increase in crime
I was truly blessed to live in queen anne's county
I have lived here up until my senior year of high school and my parents moved me to Nevada with them. I hated Las Vegas so I came back here to live. The people here are awesome and there are a lot of local businesses as opposed to big name marketing. As long as the Chesapeake Bay stays clean, I can see this area staying successful.
Everyone is very nice here and it's a very relaxed way of living.
This is a beautiful place to live with a very close community.
Its a small town with very little business that doesn't relate to the restaurant business and auto repair shops.
Nothing is wrong with the local business besides the fact that there are a lot of banks, gas stations, and drug stores.
The only bad park about the weather is the untimely hurricanes and sever thunderstorms, which all cause a dangerous problem when it comes to flooding.
The area i live in is very safe, only crime that takes place is mainly domestic violence, drunk driving, and under aged drinikng
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Public services in my area consist of county transport and people that clear snow and lay salt on the roadways.
The outdoors are great, there are alot of nice beaches and the waterfront allows for time outdoors on the water boating, fishing, crabbing, and jet skiing.
Small town type of places for small town types of people. I suggest you don't speak too liberally at Happy Hour because the town won't forget.
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