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It’s a very small place I’ve lived here majority of my life and I’m definitely hoping after I graduate high school I can go see some other places to get a better perspective of the outside world.
My experience living in PG is overwhelming good and i wont complain until i see proof that it time for me to go
As someone who has been immersed in the community of PG County, being able to be apart of a thriving, growing family is a treasure. There is a lot of work to be done definitely, but the growth I've seen in my community where I grew up in has truly made me want to make a difference in the lives of those who want to contribute their talents and experiences to the world. There are many opportunities within Prince George's County that are very important to the growth of the family. I would love to see more community outreach opportunities and meetings with communities to help bridge barriers and create successful pathways for students like myself to succeed.
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Pg county is a very sophisticated urban area with plenty of opportunities to create a future for yourself
The neighborhood I live at is very quiet and safe. I have grocery stores close by and I know most of my neighbors. People are friendly.?
PG is a decent county to live in. It's not the best by any means but depending on where you are located; it's safe and clean for the most part.
I’ve lived in Prince George’s county for years and I love it there. A predominantly black and wealthy environment
I love the environment of prince George’s county. A lot of good things are around. For one you have Fedex stadium where big concerts and football games happen. And Prince George’s is home to six flags.
the school s are very close to neighborhoods, and many of the people are very friendly. You can find many activities in the area that are family friendly and has a pretty good night life in the area.
What I would like to see change in Prince George's Country is more opportunities for the youth. Another thing that I would like to see is more women empowerment. Today, I do not see a lot of opportunities and women empowerment. Women are constantly tearing each other down instead of building each other up. When it comes to opportunities for the youth, it is becoming more and more frequent that young people are resulting to drug use and hanging in the streets, promoting more opportunities would possibly eliminate some of this.
I grew up in Prince George's County for 18 years and from my experience it has been good. It wasn't the best nor the worst experience. I liked how PG has teachers who care about their students. At least from the two schools I went to, Beltsville Academy and Eleanor Roosevelt High School, there was a sense of belonging like I could fit in. I would like for PG to lower the tax the parents have to pay. All the money parents have to pay could be used for their son or daughter when going into their first year of college.
Overall, the environment is nice, the people are friendly as well but the education system is terrible. Schools are under funded, teachers are lazy and the students have no desire to want to learn, they weren’t taught to.
I like that PG.County (PGCO) has an increased amount of seemingly affluent black and brown people throughout. The average annual household income is $80,000+. I don't like how much taxes are applied to basic goods and services such as cell phone utility taxes. I also don't like how wealth seems to be concentrated in certain neighborhoods (Laurel, Bowie, Greenbelt, Accokeek, Fort Washington) and not reinvested into decades old neighborhoods that need redevelopment.
I like the rich sense of diversity that exists in Prince George's County. Being so close to D.C. and Virginia allows for easy access to many opportunities. Prince George's County is a tight-knit community that is helpful and welcoming to all.
Prince George's County is conveniently located by Virginia and Washington DC. Prince George's County is also home of the MGM and National Harbor. Prince George's County has a diverse group of residents. Prince George's County also hosts a lot of events that benefit student such and job fairs and college fairs.
Prince George's county is generally a family community, but there is some violence and illegal activity here and there.
needs more affordable food choices that stay open late. the art district is interesting but not enough to see.
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Prince George's County is a great place for graduates seeking job opportunities. This county is a fast-paced environment.
I have lived in this county for nearly 40 years. There are many great people and aspects and I hope the area continues to evolve.
Public schools are very bad and most teachers do not lecture. However, the county is getting better.
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