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Powhatan County is an awesome place to live and grow up. The community of people is really supportive and growing constantly.
Powhatan, Virginia is a place where you can just relax and get away from the city life. I have lived in Powhatan County since I was born and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Powhatan is a country town which is surrounded by farm land and little shopping centers along the main highway. Most of the houses around here have space between your neighbors, unlike in the city where you can see into someone else's house. In Powhatan you can also have the ability to have bonfires and enjoy time together with the family. Powhatan is so quiet at night you can hear the crickets chirping at night and wake up to the sound of birds chirping. Powhatan County is truly a place where you can feel free.
Powhatan is a very quiet and safe town west of Richmond. The schools are great and there are plenty of food and entertainment options within 20 minutes of where I live. I would love to see more development happen further west in the county as far as stores and restaurants.
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The lack of urban development might be off-putting to most, but it suits me just fine! The people are friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming.
Powhatan is a very small, but rapidly expanding county. Everyone knows everyone else and are generally friendly, easy-going people. There is an abundance of farmland and quiet, family-friendly neighborhoods.
Powhatan County is situated about 30 miles outside of Richmond. It offers farm life living. It is beautiful. It is a peaceful quiet and growing rural area.
The school system is amazing for starters. It is also a very peaceful and quiet town, but it is still close enough to decent cities like Chesterfield and Richmond for nightlife and fun activities.
I like the family feel of the county and how everyone knows everyone. I would like for there to be more businesses in Powhatan so the travel time to go out and shop and eat at places isn't as long.
Powhatan has grown over the past few years, but still has a small town feeling. There are many opportunities to connect with those in the community through concerts and various festivals that take place throughout the year.
Powhatan County is one of the oldest counties in VA. This is where a lot of the Indians established home close to the James River. Powhatan is still a semi-small town west of Richmond, VA. Its #2 in the area for Public schools and to be is the best place to be. It's perfect for anyone that is raising a family and has great amounts of history.
I like the fact that Powhatan is not too far from the city, but it's remote enough that you don't have other families living right on top of you.
Powhatan County is a pleasant place to live. It is a county that is still rather rural with a slower pace of life compared to a more suburban county, but within 15 minutes I can get to major shopping, business and recreational areas.
Powhatan county is a small town where everyone feels like family. There are numerous dining options, sports teams, and excellent schools. Powhatan is a perfect place to raise a family.
We recently move to Powhatan from Midlothian, Virginia. There are both good and bad things about living in Powhatan County. There are beautiful parks and natural areas to visit which is definitely a plus. During the summer it seems like there is always something going on like outdoor concerts and tractor pulls and the YMCA and Library are very nice. Even though the county seems to be growing, it would be nice to see more businesses, both restaurants and consumer locations. The restaurants that are here are very over priced because of not having any competition. Most anything added would be very popular because people would love to not have to drive so far. A hardware store of some kind would make a killing.
I live in Powhatan and I love the land and privacy I hope they do not build to many things in the county to take from the land and privacy of the county.
POwhatan is a wonderful place to live. There is very little crime, its set in the country with beautiful scenery, and the school system is wonderful. The people are very kind, and its a small town so everybody knows everybody. The only drawback is that there is very little diversity, and people tend to be close minded.
Totally different atmosphere than the suburbs, a rural tight-knit community that is webbed with funding and communications through major key figures in the small town community. Over all residential life is friendly, everyone waves at everyone else. Powhatan county community is filled with southern hospitality, but the constant urbanization and battle between old Powhatan and new Powhatan and the development of a small town as well as over expansion that old ruralist consistently struggle with in order to keep the small close-knit community alive and strong.
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I really love the peaceful, serenity of the country. I feel very safe and love that I can raise my family here. Residents all seem to be connected and friendly; even to others who may not be from around the area. Local, small buisness' are also a plus.
Nice area. Close to many outdoor activities and historical sights. School system is above average. Traffic is only an issue between 7-9 and 4:30-5:30.
My family moved to Powhatan in 2007 when I was in seventh grade and my brother was in fourth grade. We moved from a close community in Chesterfield Virginia with our neighbors right next door. We were scared about moving to 15 acres of seclusion and not being in a neighborhood. What my brother and I found was a world of new adventures. We learned how to ride 4-wheelers, dirt bikes and riding lawn mowers. We were introduced to creatures of nature that we didn't the privilege to witness in our previous residence. We became our own version of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Both my brother and I were hesitant moving to a new environment, but we wouldn't have asked for anything better. The experience was nothing but exceptional. While graduate school will take me far away from Powhatan, I will continue to call it my "home".
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