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I would like Ouachita Parish, as a community to support their local college more. I would like to see more community projects to help bridge the gap between the social classes.
I live in Ouachita Parish! My kids attend Ouachita Jr High & Ouachita Parish High School! I believe the safety/ crime should be changed.. Most neighborhoods need to try cleaning up! Some houses that are sold to be rented aren’t in nice condition!
I grew up in Ouachita schools, so this area means a lot to me. There were great people here- a few sour ones too but you take the good with the bad. Food was edible, the cops were there to help you; it was an overall simple yet homey place to be. The only thing I would change is the quality of the school system, at least in terms of their cafeteria food.
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I live in West Monroe, Louisiana in Ouachita Parish. My hometown is close knit, clean and has a wonderful community vibe. Friday night football at our local high school is the BEST! There are plenty of activities and churches; not to mention, we are the home of Duck Dynasty! Come see our town!
Housing cost is high compared to income, income for employers are high but mostly minimum wage for employees. Grocery store choice are limited in selection and consequently very expensive. Education in this state has been and still is rated among the lowest in the country for decades. Schools pay way more attention to sports than academics. A child can play high class football in these schools and not be able to get in college because of bad grades. Racial tension in this parish runs very high due to the pride in the Confederate flag being flown often and proudly even though its major city holds a black majority in this parish. Go figure! Parish water supply is Ouachita River which is highly polluted and and an underground aquifer that is AT DANGEROUS LEVELS and getting lower every year due to over use by commercial interest. Crime rates 2-6 times higher than the national levels.
I think Ouachita Parish is very good overall, but it use some improvements in the number of family friendly activities. I would like to see a theme park built in this area, and maybe a David Busters.
I was born in Ouachita Parish and has seen this community grows from a town to a prosperous city. It is a great place to raise a family. Great education system.
Ouachita Parish houses a mall, several great places to eat, a state college, several Walmarts, and many highly rated for children to go to school. However, I rated this parish as average because many places do not seem safe to be in as a young female after dark. Overall, Ouachita parish is a nice parish, just make sure and research the areas you plan on visiting beforehand!
I am a Police Officer and I have been burglarized at my home, so I believe the crime has increased. The law enforcement in my area are overwhelmed with calls on a daily basis but handle every call as important as the next. I commend the police in my area for the job they are handed everyday.
I consider this area some of the best to live. I have great neighbors and my family lives near by. Being able to spend time with my family and extended family is the most precious things I have.
Within the city limits the housing and very run and abandoned buildings everywhere.
Great sense of family within the community
Not many activities for children and youth
With living in a bad neighborhood, I have witnessed how long it takes for policemen to get there. Police here is also corrupted because the officers abuse their powers.
I've lived in West Monroe my whole life, and I do enjoy it. I do like the small community with the feel of a big town. The only thing that is ever constructed though is banks and stores.
There is not as much crime as there is in other places around the U.S. and I am very pleased at how the police here help out and succeed at their jobs.
I, overall, enjoy where I live and would definently live here again.
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There is relatively no crime here. I can't recall a major crime in the past seven years.
This is a great place to live. It is removed from the larger cities but not so far to be inconvenient. The people are great with small town values and ethics.
Overall, this area is a closely-knot community. I would definitely choose to live here all over again. A great majority of the people are friendly and polite.
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