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Osceola county is very historical and incorporates a lot of art and culture. This county is very diverse and supportive of the BLM movement. There is much police involvement with the community along with local mayors who are pastors at local churches.
Very good county its clean and a safe place to live and a good place to raise kids there is a lot of traffic due to rush hour a lot of people live in this county in my opinion Florida overall Florida is packed with a lot of people
I’ve grown up in Osceola county my whole life and I love it here. It’s a big town but everyone knows each other!
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Their is a lot to like about Osceola County. It is very peaceful and every one gets along with everyone. Their is much to do here with the family without having kids out too late on a school night. The teachers at the local schools here really do care about the children and want to see everyone succeed. Every single child is always happy when it comes to attending school. All the children in osceola county always carry a good attitude everywhere they go. Osceola county is all about love and respect for one another and it is a county i am proud to be apart of,
I'm currently a resident and go to school in this area. I really like the community because it's family friendly and very diverse which allows me to broaden my perspectives with another culture. Living here for a year made me see that it is a safe place to live, start your own family and business as it is continuously being developed. Osceola is a great place to live, though commercialized, it's not as crowded and traffic as Orlando, and you can still enjoy the beauty and peaceful ambiance of leisure parks. Not to mention, the people in the community are very friendly, warm and helpful whenever you need. Overall, I recommend Osceola for those starting out in Florida.
Very diverse area and family friendly! Great access to theme parks and shopping. Strong community with little crime.
Bought a house recently and I love it. People are nice and neighborhood is tranquil. Recommend this county to anyone without kids.
Okay county but sometimes to far from Orlando, FL where the life of party is. It can be upgraded for restaurants and things to do. It can be a great county just needs some work and be better than orange county.
A wonderful community to live. I recommend it to anyone who has great family to live in, the schools are wonderful, quite safe.
I think Osceola is a nice and beautiful place to reside in. The only thing i would perhaps change is perhaps more living areas but besides that I would recommend Osceola to many people.
overall Osceola county is a Hispanic community very close nit, and have grown over tremendously over the years.
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