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It's a very small town. There are not many fun things to do for the children and teens. Community is great though. Everyone knows everyone.
My experience living in Orangeburg is pretty average and what I like most about Orangeburg is the commute and travel distance to certain places. One thing that I would like to see changing in Orangeburg is more investment in homes/apartments for people to live in, improvement in mall and a bowling alley so that people can socialize plus that bowling alley is a part of history for Orangeburg County.
Orangeburg County is not a very good place to live at all. The crime rate is extremely high and people are being killed every single day (most due to gang activity). There is nothing to do in Orangeburg at all. The residents of the county have to drive an hour just to get to a movie theater or bowling alley. This is definitely one of the worst places to live.
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My experience in Orangeburg County has been great! I came to Orangeburg county to go to South Carolina State University. I fell in love with the people of Orangeburg. I met my wife who was born in Orangeburg County. Orangeburg County will always be a part of my life.
I would like to see Orangeburg, SC spend more time creating more opportunities to pass the time. Our youth has a lot of time to get in trouble and indulge in things they shouldn’t because there is nothing to do. We lack a movie theatre or skating rink. Our mall needs to be renovated because it is very small and lacks cleanliness and variety. Most times to have fun or go shopping we must drive 50 minutes to Columbia, South Carolina or Charleston, South Carolina. We have a lot of pride in our county but we must start to see officials out money back into the city we love.
Orangeburg county has taught me to never give up on my dreams. It has instill in me that having and showing respect and using good manners will take you further in life than anything else. Orangeburg county has taught me that slow and steady wins the race. Hats off to Orangeburg county for making me a strong person.
Orangeburg county really doesn't have many things for children to do. There are no movie theaters or amusement parks for them to enjoy. Like most cities, some places are safer than others. The school system is in the first year of consolidation between three different districts. There are lots of changes. The are a couple different restaurants to dine at.
My experience with Orangeburg County has been great. I like that there are many opportunities and things to do with family and friends. I would like for there to be more activities for children and young adults.
Its alright, although it could be alot better in the way of activites for the younger generations. We need alot more for our youth to be able to do.
I love that Orangeburg is small , its really nothing to do in Orangeburg county thats why its alot of crime. I feel as though it could really be a great place to live but it should be way more things to do. The colleges are fantastic I will be attending Claflin university and I love it so much.
Orangeburg county is located in South Carolina and is a small community. Orangeburg lacks many activities that residents could participate in during their leisure time such as a movie theater, a better mall, and teenage hangout spots.
I am attending school in Orangeburg, the learning experience is nice. I wish to see more restaurants it’s a pretty small town.
Orangeburg County is a very friendly small town in South Carolina. I was born and raised here and although there are many other places I could think of in which I would rather live, Orangeburg will always have a special place in my heart.
Most things are very close, but there is barely anything here which makes it hard to find a place to work as a college student
Orangeburg County is not the best place to live but it’s home. I’ve been here for two years and i have nothing bad to say but also nothing good. It could be better but your home is what you make it.
honestly, I see orangeburg as a diamond in the making, It has a lot of potential
for it to be the greatest city in the world. It has three colleges and two high schools.
Orangeburg County is very family friendly. There are many small family towns like Santee, St Matthews, and many more.
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I been here for 4 years. I’ve been attending Claflin University. My experience here has been alright. Orangeburg should consider their student residents more. With nightlife and other recreational activities.
Orangeburg County is not a horrible place to live. The schools that are there are tops schools in the state. I attend Claflin University and I am proud to be a panther. The jobs are limited and the minimal wage are low for the poverty.
It has beautiful gardens and a lot of historical sites! the weather here in the south is usually nice! For Christmas they have a lot of lights at the Azalea gardens for people to attend and near by neighbororing counties also puts on light shows.
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