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I really the school and how the people is. Orlando, Florida may be best known for Disney World and Universal, but it's also known for a lot more besides. This central Florida region attracts around 60 million visitors every year, who come for the warm climate, the world-famous theme parks, the shopping malls, the golf courses and the nightlife. Also,Orlando is home to more than 100 lakes. Lake Eola in downtown Orlando is actually a giant sinkhole and is 80 feet at its deepest point. Moreover, You can hike through pristine Everglades National Park or ride on glass-bottom boats across Biscayne National Park. Saint Augustine is the oldest European settlement in North America.
My overall experience in Orange County is great and very well organized. The schools and teachers are great and I just love the overall dedication this county has shown and given to me and my fellow classmates.
There's a good variety of things to do in Orange County with it being in Orlando, but almost everything around revolves around tourists. The place to hang out is on International Drive which means it's constantly crowded and full of tourists trying to explore Orlando, which is great, but we need more places for the locals to hang out, separate from the tourist areas. Also, almost every school is overcrowded, needs to be fixed.
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Depending on the parts that you live it is a good easy time. Very diverse and close to many different attractions including theme parks and beaches.
I love the convenience of living in Orange County. The Disney parks are not even 10 minutes away and Universal and Sea world are within 20 minutes. The down side of that is the tourists. Most local businesses are packed with people, and driving is a bit of a nightmare with people not knowing where they are going.
Is pretty place the area keep growing and the farm style living keep getting little. But better jobs and opportunities for young students and kids.
Fun Area, Lots of things to do, some stuff very far away with traffic. I have lived here my whole life and its very fun to be so close to the theme parks. I spend every summer with my friends at the water parks and at Disney. There are a few downfalls like 417 and I4 with the tolls and the amount of traffic. You have to leave your house almost an hour early to get to class on time but it is worth it when you make enough money to get from place to place. I think once all the construction is done this area will be 10 times more beautiful than it has ever been. My favorite part is the school systems. The staff and teachers really care about what we are learning and make sure that we know not only how to apply that to our everyday lives but that it makes sense for us now.
I am born and raise orange county.... It's a great place to live and alot of fun things to do... A lot of wonderful places that's hiring you can work
Although simple, Orange country is a great place to live. Everything you need is right around the corner, such as stores, schools, and restaurants. There is always something new to do in Orange county, its filled with places to explore. Orange county is also a very safe place to live, and people have nothing to fear when walking around the streets any time of day.
Love how calm and beautiful it is. At night the view is beautiful. Orlando has its own beauty and for the most part, I enjoy it.
I have been living here for 22 year and I like it some people are friendly some are not but it has Disney and Universal studios. There is night life downtown is booming but I would not say it is safe.
Everything is local and is easy to get around. I have lived here all my life. Somethings that could change is some of the littering, when I walk around or take a car I see littering everywhere but I know there is a few ways we can fix it like creating groups or volunteering.
I like Orange County as a whole. The traffic is not fun at all though. I love the city life and the opportunities at hand. Schools here are also great. The real estate is definitely an issue as it can be expensive to live here at times. But, the good thing is that people are constantly going in and out of the county so there is always houses available. Orange County is a great county. I would recommend it to anyone who loves the city life and always wanting things to do. Around every corner there is something new to do and new places to explore. Disney and Universal just happen to be in this location, too. So being close to those is always a fun time.
I have grown up in the public school system in Orange County and have received a good education. This county is large and I will say that my experience is primarily within the southeast section of Orange County. I have loved my childhood in this town and I look forward to all my future memories made in this county.
It is a very quiet place to live, so far there has been no problem in my community and the life here is very peaceful, I am not planning to move to another state for now because I am planning to retiring and do my life in this place, personally I love the peaceful and safety communities more than a busy one. Police is very friendly and the community in general is very supportive with animals (especially with dogs which I love so much)
Well my experience here is average because we are living pay check to pay check . I see people still hungry.
I like the neighborly atmosphere of Orange County, however, I would like to see the politicians take into consideration the wants and requests of the citizens more, in order to make changes regarding traffic problems and construction efforts.
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I believe it is a good place with good people. I went to Lake Nona HS and it was pretty good. It is a growing area and it has a lot of services
My experience with the orange county public system was amazing because of one person. Mayor Teresa Jacobs, who I met at a leadership conference had open my eyes to bigger ideas that made me the person I am today. Mayor Jacobs spoke about the importance of students voices and if we wanted to see a change in the system, we can't wait for the generations before us. With the school shootings that had been going on in Florida, Major Jacobs took the time to listen to what the students had to say and because of that, I felt as if my voice mattered.
Living in Orange County has been a good experience. My neighbors are lovely and so are other residents. There are so many places so close to where you live that you don't have to worry about wasting so much gas going places. Also, there are so many things to do here in Orlando that you will never be bored again.
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