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Look, this place is mostly farmland or open fields. If you are looking for the city lifestyle this is not the place for you, but if you like quiet places, stars, and general safety then look no further.
There is hardly ever any violent crime. There is, on occasion, drug-related crimes, but more in the larger towns or cities around where I live. The police in our town are pretty good at keeping things under control and responding when needed.
I love living where I currently do because of the beautiful scenery that you can observe in a 30 mile radius. The taxes aren't too high and the people are friendly, and the high schools aren't enormous so you get a sense of community. It's the type of area I would want to raise a family.
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Where I live is on the outskirts of a large city. The city is infected with drugs and crime, and most suburbs are average at best. I live in the country in a poor part of town in a run down trailer park. The people here are more friendly than any neighbors i have ever had living in cities and suburbs. I see this city getting better, for the right people. There are many opportunities for lavish lifestyles in the city if you have the money. If you cannot afford that, you are poor, and there are no in-betweens.
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