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Montgomery County is a great location for me if you like the small but not to small where everybody knows everyone town. It is growing every single day and I just want the people to giveback. There’s always room for improvement
Large county area wise with a booming population and growing economy. Great activities for all ages, with a nice college located downtown.
It is kinda crowded now, and it seems like everyone here is rude. It is close to Nashville which is cool.
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Montgomery County has been my home for my 17 years of life. There are plenty of job opportunities; however, there is not much to do here. Not too many recreational activities for a poor high school student.
It's a good county, theres a lot of good colleges in my town and good opportunities for people to start a second chance.
Overall, the county is simply a county. There aren't any exclusives that can be gained from being located here as I can see, at least. The only worthy comment that should be said is that the school system is very uncooperative with families. A good friend of mine had their highschool journey ruined because the school staff doubted her abilities, which I find simply counterintuitive with the caring attitude they display.
I like that Montgomery County has put such a value on the education system as a whole. They done what they can to make sure the people have a sort of education to fall back on. Montgomery county has done a pretty good job as a whole to run its self and have stability in the county.
I've lived in Clarksville since 1996 and many various years before that. I've seen it grow from 30,000 people to the 155,000 we have today. I've never seen a city grow so gracefully. Yes, there are a ton of growing pains, especially where traffic is concerned. Real estate is the best kept secret in Clarksville. You can simply buy more house for less money than practically any other big city in the country. Also, there are many jobs here, and though it's a bit manufacturing heavy currentyly, there are more and more white-colar jobs coming in too.
It has been an experience. I have enjoyed this quiet, peaceful,neighborhood that I live in. I have learned alot since I have been a resident here in Clarksville especially about the Southern hospitality. Most of the people here are very friendly and down to earth people thT care for others. I have had the pleasure of being able to call this home and to experience the beauty of this town. I am grateful for this place. I attend Austin Peay State University as a first time college student.
It's a great place to live with access to almost any retail store or grocery store you could want. However, traffic is horrible and people here don't pay attention when they drive. There are multiple car wrecks everyday on the major highways, and road consturction is never finished.
I like the different stores that have recently arrived. Five Below, It’s Fashion, and other stores have cheap items but also good quality. There are accidents especially on days when there is a lot of accidents.
Montgomery County is my home. I grew up here and raised my kids here.My grandchildren were also raised here. I hate that our town is not quite as safe now and I wish we had more places for our young people to hang out in non smoking and non drinking places. I love the churches in this town. We have a variety of different religions. We are also a military town with Ft.Campbell so close. I love my home town!
Our county is very safe. I love to take walks around the block at night and don't feel threatened in any way. The sidewalks are kept clean and clear and the landscaping of the grass and the trees are magnificent. The county takes pride in the appearance of their county. During Christmas, the county goes and decorates and it gets the whole community involved with one another and it allows us to get into the Christmas spirit. It is amazing how something so small as putting up Christmas decorations can impact each person that lives here. You can walk along the Cumberland River at night and just be flabbergasted by the view.
I love how there are so many restraint options and a college in the area so not everyone has to travel far if they wanna be near here. I wish I could see the mall improve because it does not have a lot of good stores. The traffic gets very bad as well and there are always multiple accidents and we need to prevent that.
Just like any other area one would live in, there are some parts of town that tend to have a higher crime rate then others; those issues seem to be contained to those areas though. It is also a college town so there are a few college related incidents occasionally, but criminal activity is confronted and held accordingly.
This is a military town with a college right down the road, there a constant flow of individuals and families moving in and out of the town and close surrounding areas. That being said, people are used to new neighbors so they are very welcoming and understand the struggles that military families go through and are supportive accordingly. It is a relatively small cities but is rapidly growing with the convenience of Nashville being only an hour or so away. I have lived on Fort Campbell for a little over eight years and now attend Austin Peay in Clarksville, so needless to say I believe it is a great area to live in whether it be permanently or just for the time your stationed/attending school.
There are bad parts of town, but it doesn't effect the whole city
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All around a great place to live
We have had bad crime activity like shooting and murders, but that is on the rare side. Usually small crimes like kids under age drinking and DUI's but our officers do a good job of keeping the community safe.
There's a lot to do in the community. A lot of arts, music, festivals, and great ways to help out the community. I love living here quite nights and friendly people.
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