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Montgomery County is where I have been all my life. I went to elementary, middle school and high school that was at most a mile apart from each other. I just feel at home. There are places to walk, run, and play with your children. Everyone here is just so friendly.
You can find everything you need here with alot of grocery stores. completely family oriented. Police respond on time when called.
It is a all around good place. :) I have lives here my whole life and would not regret it. I always feel safe wherever I go.
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There are tons of businesses around, and it's pretty affluent. I would just like to see less congestion.
It is very diverse, however sometimes the people can be a little cold; for instance, when out taking a family walk, people don't really speak to you, sometimes not even when you speak to them first. One side note is that I live close to a very urban town center, so maybe that's why.

On a positive note, Montgomery county is highly exercise and pet friendly, with sidewalks and or trails on almost every street. There are many recreation centers, parks, pools, etc.
I've lived here all my life and its so diverse and right outside of DC. There are cities and farms and lakes and carnivals and so many things to do. It just like any other suburban areas outside of a major city. Its kinda cool because depending on where you love you can be an hour away from the mountains or an hour away from the beach or city. The location is really amazing but a down side is real estate. ITS SO EXPENSIVE.
Don’t move here. Horrible, hateful, unfriendly, ignorant, exploitative, unpolished, and catty people is the main flavor and personality of the area. No moral values, lots of racial tension. Keep yourself out! The area is too expensive. High taxes, extremely high prices for a shitty home (if you want to buy).
It is Diverse. people from different races, background and works of life live in Montgomery county. It is a good place to live and raise a family because its peaceful, quite and very close to The capital Washington DC
Montgomery County is a safe place. It is very diverse within its own boundaries. There are a lot of cultural activities, ethnic restaurants, and diverse lifestyles. It is a very kid-friendly place. The schools are good only in the Potomac area. Otherwise, they are average.
I loved is really good.
Good program in the school for the kids.
Also everything is very accessible.
Clean city, the people are friendly I recommend this county always is in progress..👌
i currently live in olney maryland. my town is very nice and modern. with many local grocery shops that are walking distance, it is a great family community. it is close to 200 express lanes and easy to get to other local towns. we also have great malls that include wheaton mall and montgomery mall. we are a close distance to dc and 495. the only thing i would improve is all the speeding cameras. thankfully they are not as expensive as dc but still a burden.
Montgomery county, although having busy traffic every morning is a safe place to be. So far, every people I met in this area are really welcoming and nice. It is really clean and during the autumn, with the leaves falling our county looks more gorgeous. The police, fire fighters and all always make sure every one is safe and always respond quickly to emergency calls.
I really like the high schools there. Montgomery county has lots of opportunities for students that want to came studying in what they what to become.
What I like about Montgomery County is, the convenience of transportation, entertainment, and lifestyle.

What make it better is more affordable housing.
Montgomery County used to be "the place to live" in the state. Now it is an unredeeming Communist hellhole combining the charm of a toxic dump with crime that would make a Baltimorean blush. Close to DC for the commute, you say? Sure, if a three hour commute to go 20 miles works for you (if it snows, make that three days). The taxes you pay won't go to benefit you - they'll go straight into the pockets of the never-employed. And somehow your moronic neighbors will be proud of this, since the average MoCo resident's IQ has dropped about 30 points in 20 years. I'm stuck here for another 4-5 years, and then I'll move someplace better, such as "any place except Chernobyl". Unless you are in a position to leech off the state, or want to pay a $4000-$6000 a month mortgage for a toolshed-sized house and have brain-dead liberal legislators decide what you can say and think, RUN AWAY from this place. I'm dead serious - I've been here for 9 years and I've aged 50 years in that time.
i like that their is easy access to transportation. the beautiful sceanery and there are alot of things to do in this county. we have roller skating rinks, ice skating rinks, ice cream shops, pizza shops and anyplace that people would love.
the county is gay for telling schools to block stuff and they wanted to block many things including yt
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I've lived in Montgomery County my whole life. It is a nice place to live but rather expensive. The schools are top notch but some areas are going down hill while others are thriving. Overall it is a great place to live.
I grew up in Montgomery county in the part thats called Gaithersburg for most of my childhood. Growing up here was pretty average, I guess you can say its your typical suburban area. What makes it so great is that it pretty safe and anything you can think of doing you could probably find in a one hour driving distance at most, plus your a short metro ride to Washington DC.
The schools are horrible, spending goes into new buildings and editions for crime stricken Clarksburg when Damascus is crashing down to the foundation. The county is authorizing huge developments in areas with already overcrowded schools.
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